Vassal 1: FAQ

Playing On Line

Installation of VASSAL

All modules have been successfully installed, but it still doesn't work.

Is Java 1.4 installed on your PC? If not, you can download it here.

The Table button is not displayed.

Tables are an extension to download and install first. They must be extracted and installed in the  "CryHavoc_ext" folder automatically generated when installing the Cry Havoc module.

All extensions have been unzipped in the correct directory, but I still can't see them?

Extensions are zipped in a directory that must be deleted to operate properly in the Cryhavoc_ext directory. You should have the following paths for your extensions (xxx.mdx files):

I can't update a module ro an extension by double-clicking on the ".jar" file.

If you have set your WinZip (Winrar, or whatever you use to unzip files) preferences to extract .jar files, it will grab the update.jar when doubleclicked and open it rather than letting java do this and thus update the module/extension. Change your Winzip etc. settings so that it does not automatically open/extract .jar files and all should be ok.

Getting Started

Is broadband connection mandatory to play Vassal?

Absolutely not! You can play via a simple modem with no performance issue. The only problem could be your phone bill if you are charged on usage. On the other hand, broadband is highly recommended if you want to use voice (over IP) instead of typing your text in the chat window.

What hardware is needed to talk while playing?

A simple microphone and a broadband connection will do the job. For a greater experience, you can buy an Internet headset. An excellent (free) software is Skype that really works.

Where can I find other players for Vassal?

You can post a message on the Vassal server, or register in the Players Database on the Yahoo! Forum.

I'm no longer a teenager and my time available for gaming is very short. Is Vassal really designed for me?

We all share the same concern! Vassal enables a very fluent gameplay (especially with a headset) and playing time is similar to a tabletop game. Games can be saved to be resumed later on (with no need to reinstall everything). You just need to decide when to play and for how long with your partner.

The Game Interface

The game map is not displayed on the screen.

The map is actually loaded but hidden under the chat window. Switch to full screen mode and move the horizontal pane under the text entry box up. The map should appear after the greyed area designed for off-map counter placement.

Non English type letters are not displayed correctly in the chat window.

VASSAL has been developed in the US. Local letters are not managed by the server. I recommend using only Caps to get rid of the problem.

Game components

I can move my counter much beyond its movement point allowance.

VASSAL is not a video game, but an on-line boardgame! VASSAL does not manage movement or combat. It is up to the gamer to count the number of hexes for a movement, like on an actual table. Consider VASSAL as a digital hand instead.

What is the maximum number of arrows that can be managed by VASSAL into a quiver?

34 arrows is the maximum that can be displayed in the "Arrows" window.

I moved a marker up a stack, but my opponent cannot see the change in position.

For various reasons, the Stack feature of VASSAL has not been implemented into the Cry Havoc module. You should then tell your opponent about any relative change within a stack for him to perform the same task manually.