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> December 25, 2020

- Our year-end promotion is extended until Sunday, January 3d.
- We welcome The Little Caporal, a new reseller in the UK.

> November 22, 2020

- The counter lists for each game of the NORMAN SAGA series are now available, with a utility to balance your scenarios.
- The Scenario Booklet 2 (Origin Standard Games) has been restaured by Laurent Buchet.
- The GUISCARD page has been updated to show the enhancements and new counters of the upcoming Version 2 (Availability: Q1/2021).

> November 21, 2020

- Free shipping (Europe/UK) or up to a €20 discount (other countries) for any order in the Shoppe until December 24, with 4 new scenarios for MONTGISARD with any order.

> August 16, 2020

- The original maps of the CRY HAVOC game were restored to fit the normalized hex grid used with other games.