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Below is an abstract of some of your feedback. Many "Superb" or "Great" have not been written down to avoid boring the reader because of their repetitiveness. I have added a few answers when needed.
Number of feedbacks: 163 Comments updated on Mar 25, 2013
There are only 2 adjectives to describe them: Superb and Fantastic. Too bad that the maps for the Canary Island Invasion and the Russian Steppes have not been printed yet. Anyway, we'll do with what we have. Many thanks again. Salvador Valencia, Spain
The Fortified Village is amazing when it comes down to drawing and color quality. I better understand why it took so long to create them! Patrice Brumath, France
Professional quality. Here they are, wonderful... What a pleasure... I can touch them, stare at the details, admire the astonishing rendering of the colors. Jean Marc Lille, France
The new maps are superb, especially the Fortified Village and the Desert. I'm longing for the week end to try them. Hugh Port Richey, Floride, USA
Many thanks for the perfect shipping. The new maps are gorgeous and I received them without any wrinkle. I want to try them right away. Jean Paul Noeux les Mines, France
It's really professional quality, the fold is in the right place and it works. Colors are vivid, the drawing edges are sharp. No question these are true Cry Havoc maps. (Trans.) Ivan Paris, France
Just one word : Perfect! (Trans.) Vincent Doubs, France
Wonderful ! Many thanks and congratulations. What can I add? These maps are just gorgeous and perfect... I want to try them at once. (Trans.) Jean Marc Lille, France
The maps arrived yesterday [Dec 28].... They're beautiful! They really do match the original maps. I wish I had ordered two of each. I'll definitely be ordering more in the future, as well anything you care to produce. David San Jose, CA, USA
No problem: the parcel didn't get damage during delivery. Should they not be slightly lighter, we could be confused with the original ones, which tells a lot about the design quality! I have been favorably impressed by the sheer size of the ships... Sea maps now seem to have shrunk when laying down next to them! (Trans.) Laurent Bas-Rhin, France
I got a very wet envelope during a stormy and humid day. Luckily, our thoughtful senders had wrapped the precious pieces in a plastic film. Well done and thank you. (Trans.) Stéphane Eure, France
I just got the maps. Gorgeous! I just want to say thank you. (Trans.) Jean Luc Gironde, France
Received the maps in the mail today and they look great! Thanks again. Lance Chicago, IL, USA
Many thanks to Hervé and others for the time and money spent, and also for bringing a new life to this beautiful game. (Trans.) Pascal Gironde, France
They are gorgeous (Trans.) Stefano Milan, Italia
Got the maps on Christmas eve. They are of great design and quality. James Dorset, UK
They are just superb. I just want to say one word: Bravo, and I hope that your initiative will be successful. (Trans.) Yann Finistère, France
BRAVO ... BRAVO .... I didn't imagine in my wildest dreams that you could reach this level of quality. I was already impressed with the Fortified Harbor... but here... no voice...perfect. Almost the same thickness and texture as the Eurogames' ones...even better!!! And what about the design? Perfect! Just 2 remarks... but I'm ashamed to express them as your job is so gorgeous! Sails are pixelized and the fold crosses some wall elements. I will acquire any new map and/or counters. Congratulations Hervé, but beware: you will make us extremely picky ;-) I will soon no longer stand playing on my home-printed maps! Christophe Paris, France
My answer : The 2 issues below were fixed on the second revision, as there is now a dedicated overlay for sails, and the fold no longer crosses one of the ships.
I got the maps and they are fantastic! You and your associates have done an excellent job once again. Kevin Pittsburgh, PA, USA
I don´t know what to say, they are beautiful, even better I could imagine! Many thanks, Hervé! All Cry Havoc fans have a great debt with you and your colleagues for keeping alive this game. Pedro Jose Cartagena, Spain
I didn't see the ships that big: great! (Trans.) Arnaud Nord, France
They are very good: rendering, colors, perfect graphics. Congratulations and thanks. Little caveat: Caravanserai and Welsh Castle seem to be slightly shorter than the former maps of the game. To be revised for the next generation. This does not prevent from playing of course. Thanks for the efforts. (Trans.) Jean Pierre Nantes, France
My answer : Yes, 2 mm (less than one tenth of an inch) are missing on both long sides of the maps as I misestimated the space to leave for the open hexes. Next maps won't have this problem anymore.
Alright, Santa (the postman) has come today [Dec 24, 2004]. He left me a nice gift, with a damaged envelope but unharmed contents. And now I have this beautiful new material.. I will probably never play...but at least I own it ;-) Hervé, you mentioned that the paper is slightly lighter than the original one. I have been using the other maps so much these last years that I could notice the difference immediately. It will probably make no difference, or maybe will these ones be slightly more fragile but we will tell 20 years from now ;-) Apart from that, it's a great job! (Trans.) Marc Luxemburg
My answer : The paper is just slightly thinner. But that's the only one we can find these days.
They look great - thanks for all your work. Now I must persuade a friend to play one of the new scenarios on them. Robert Coventry, UK
Thanks for the quick delivery. Just 2 things: I'm surprised that no counter or marker (portcullis, wind, winch, etc.) was included. Is it normal, I mean, are these only maps? Second point, could you please mention "Do not fold" on the envelope? My postman succeeded in slashing the parcel in my mail box after folding it in 3, which adds 2 nice folds on your maps (gorgeous by the way). (Trans.) Laurent Somme, France
My answer : The maps are identical to their description in the Shoppe. Counters are now available in the Shoppe. After the first bulk shipment of 40 envelopes (of which 3 got folded on arrival), all other envelopes got a "Do not fold" mention on them. None got damaged so far.
They look gorgeous! Just like the original ones. I hope you plan to print other ones (Desert, hill, counters, etc.). I will be your customer. (Trans.) Giorgio Turin, Italia
Maps arrived safely, thanks much. Great work on the maps and ships, outstanding. Are there any plans for the Orleans bridge at all? David Melbourne, Australia
My answer : The Orleans maps were made available after this post.
I add my voice to the congratulations choir. Many thanks for the maps and a huge bravo. (Trans.) Alexandre Paris, France
Everything has been said already. Really impressive. And I'm so happy to get the Welsh Castle. Thanks Hervé for the hard work. Thanks Philippe & Hervé for the packaging. (Trans.) Patrice Alsace, France
Thanks for the Christmas gifts. Furthermore, my wife is happy because of the stamps. A thousand thanks and excellent work. Congratulations. (Trans.) Christophe Meurthe et Moselle, France
I got them. Perfect condition, outstanding quality...It's perfect. Many thanks. Antoine Paris, France
Received today--look great! Thanks for the excellent service. Mark Slidell, LA, USA