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In A Few Words


Designing scenarios is fine, but testing them to ensure playability and balance is even better. All scenarios proposed with these extensions have been carefully thought. But nothing replaces an actual test to make sure a simple omission or glitch will not ruin an attractive setup.

I would therefore rely on you to help and try these scenarios. You just need to fill out the attached form once you have completed a scenario. Your feedback will be taken into account and the scenario modified accordingly (if necessary).

The French community, led by Zorn, has set up a fairly detailed program with regular updates. I may not be able to ensure the same type of follow-up in English, but I will keep you posted about their progress and feed them with your own results.

So now, it's up to you: Pick up a scenario you like among the various extensions of this site, test it and share your findings with the rest of us. Remember that Vassal is a great tool to try a scenario with anybody else in the world.

Just post a notice on the Yahoo forum that you are looking for other players and have fun!

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       - Feb 01, 2005