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These Vassal modules were created by col_klink.

> The tactical module includes all the counters, overlays and maps of  GUISCARD, DIEX AE and THE ANARCHY. Additional maps were added to let you play all the scenarios included with these 3 games.

The user interface boasts several neat functions, like the ability to move a belfry (overlay) with characters on it as one single piece, or manage several levels (a character under a hoarding for instance).

> The campaign modules let you play the campaign game of DIEX AE or THE ANARCHY with the convenience of being able to stop and resume
the game at any time, hence getting rid of the hassle to keep the boardgame deployed on a table for an extended time between two tactical games. Counter and settlement management is also vastly simplified as a simple right-click let you access all the parameters and edit them at any time during the game. Default values for the settlements are already preset for faster setup time.

To play these modules, you must first download and install the Java software as well as the Vassal engine.

Norman Saga


> Norman Saga Tactical Module v3.0 - 81.1 Mb - Nov 19, 2017
> Diex Ae Campaign Module v1.0 - 3.3 Mb - Jan 26, 2016
> The Anarchy Campaign Module v1.0 - 3.3 Mb - Jan 26, 2016