The Fan

Le Forum de Cry Havoc Fan

French forum of this website, that is fairly active (over 11,000 messages over the last 3 years). I typically preview my new stuff here to get feedback before posting it on the Fan for your enjoyment.

The Cry Havoc Internet Club

The original forum in English with about 300 members and the booster factor behind the resurrection of the Cry Havoc community.

THE site of Alex Henderson (and the one without whom I would not have generated all this material. Includes lots of contents for CyberBoard as well as the incredible "Gingell Files": the most extensive compilation about everything that has been published around the game, especially in France (translated in English).
Caranorn's Keep Caranorn Aghlaredel's site includes new maps and upcoming counters.
Scorion To download unofficial maps and counters
Elrindellfr Lots of rules and other material to play all night long (in French) Marcos Hidalgo has created a wonderful CyberBoard GameBox for Samurai Blades. Check it out!
Lutz's Web pages Lutz Pietschker's site with a lot of material for Cry Havoc fans
Ke G'ned ("Cry Havoc" in Alsacian, a German-like language spoken in Alsace,Eastern France). The site of Joarloc, to download adapted counters for the medieval or fantasy games. 
Spangenhelm This site will soon be translated into English. Members will be able to view and download free Cry Havoc counters.

Note: this list is not finished yet and I will complete it soon. I apologize in advance for those of you that are not (yet) listed.