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Where can I still buy the Cry Havoc game series?

The game series is no longer published. You can still try and see if game shops still carry some old inventory, but it is very unlikely. Please note that the French on-line store Ludik Bazar sells used or new boxes on a regular basis. You can also try to buy used games on eBay, one box goes for sale almost once a week .

What is the reasonable price for a game sold by auction or from an individual?

The whole series, be it the original version from Standard Games or the adaptation by Eurogames, has not been widely printed and demand is fairly high. It is no surprise then that prices for boxes almost new range between 30 and 40 Euros (£20-28, or $36-48).
To help you figure out the right deal, a dedicated page has been created to list the average price of the latest transactions.

What happened to the official Fortified Harbor that was slated to be released in the early '90s?

The master film overheated while the boxes were about to be printed. Duccio Vitale provided me with the original drawings and I have been able to recreate the 4 maps, as well as the counters that were intended for the game.

Who owns the copyrights of the game?

- The game system was invented by Gary Chalk (and Tony Webster), but the rights were registered by their publisher, Standard Games.
- Duccio Vitale, with his first company Rexton, then with Eurogames, had acquired the rights outside the UK (and probably the Commonwealth with countries like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, etc.). 
- Eurogames rights were transferred to Jeux Descartes, then Asmodée following the recurring sale of these companies. 
- Asmodée granted me the right to post the content of the games in 2004, providing that I don't sell any material (which is the case, as the Shoppe only features contents that we created). 

To this day, the rights for the UK (and the Commonwealth) should belong to the 2 owners of Standard Games (company now defunct) and international rights to Asmodée.

The extensions available on Cry Havoc Fan

When have they been created?

Between 1992 and 1995 for the most part. A few rules and scenarios got published in Claymore magazine, but maps and counters had always remained unique samples until I made the decision back in 2003 to scan and enhance them to make them available. Other extensions were created after 2004.

Why is all this downloadable material free of charge?

Because money is yet to spoil everybody in this world ;-) You can freely edit these maps and counters, providing you mention the name of the author and don't sell them.

Printing maps and counters

What is the best way to print this graphical material?

Due to web posting limitations, most maps on CH Fan don't have a resolution high enough for quality printing (you need 300 DPI, which leads to a map size of approximately 120 Mb). 

Then, I recommend not to try and use an ink jet printer: most maps use an A2 format and should be cut into pieces to match the regular letter (A4) standard of a home printer. As for counters, and even though they use an A4 format, the thickness of the required cardboard will probably be incompatible with your printer. I suggest to have the A2 maps printed using the TIFF files in a store (Kinko's or the like) with the highest possible paper thickness (allow about 5 Euros (or £3, or $6) for each half size map).

You can also buy professionally printed maps in the Shoppe.

What if I still want to print in A4?

You can use the following Shareware ("Poster Printery", by CAD KAS) to print the various parts of a map, then reassemble them using glue and scissors.