The Templars' Castle

 The Game

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The Extension


THE TEMPLARS' CASTLE is an extension for both SIEGE and CROISADES. It displays a mighty castle set in the Crusader States, freely adapted from the famous Krak des Chevaliers in Syria. 4 defense lines with an impassable moat, chicane, drawbridge, secret passage and hidden stairways. You'd better be strong to besiege it!

Box Contents:

> 2 full color maps;
> 3 sheets of counters (from SIEGE and CROISADES);
> 1 damage and battering sheet;
> 1 8-page rulebook.


The Maps

The game included 2 full-size maps that could be assembled to form the castle itself.
  > 2 x A2 (about 60 x 80)
> TIFF - Mb
BMP - 4.3 Mb


The Counters

This extension included the same counters as SIEGE. Please refer to this game to get them.

The Booklet


The 8-page booklet included a small description of the castle and additional siege rules. No scenario was included with this extension.
Note: The attached booklet was translated by Bob Gingell and laid out in the same way as the original French booklet by Buxeria.
The Siege Record Sheet use the same format as the French version.
    > Rules - 1.75 Mb
    > Siege Record Sheet - 0.9 Mb