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Booklet 1


This booklet was written by Alan Paull,  designer of SIEGE. It is published for the first time in 1984 by Standard Games. It is made of 6 scenarios, some of them using the additional map "The Forest":
The Battle of Little Wooton ;
> The Foraging Party;
> The Knight Errant;
> The Knight’s Lady;
> Reconnaissance Patrol;
> The Rescue.

The French version is published one year later with a 7th scenario, that was already available in Casus Belli magazine:
For The Love Of Edith

Booklet 2


This second booklet is published in 1986. It had been designed by Jim Webster and LM Locke, with edits from Andy McKay. This is a much bigger endeavour than the first one, with 29 scenarios for Cry Havoc, Siege et Outremer.

This booklet never got adapted into French.



This new version of Booklet 1 adds the 7th scenario published in France and 2 additional pages about playing with miniatures. Thanks to D. Smith for these additions.
Booklet 2 has been consolidated and corrected by Laurent Buchet. Many thanks to him!
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