The Knights Templar in Outremer at the time of the Leper King

The Norman Saga

The Anarchy

Ager Sanguinis

The Game


MONTGISARD is the name of the battle won by Baldwin IV, the Leper King of Jerusalem in 1177 against the Egyptian army of Saladin. This game will be an extension for AGER SANGUINIS and will introduce new knight Templar counters as well as famous characters like Reynald de Chatillon and the Leper King himself in his litter. 

Anticipated Box Contents:

> 4 full-color tactical maps, giving a possibility of many different terrains;
> 2 A4 sheets of playing pieces printed in full color;
1 booklet including the rules, the historical background, a guide to the playing pieces and both strategic and tactical scenarios;
Several play sheets for handy reference;
> 1 10-sided die.

Expected release date:

The Characters

The various factions are displayed through counters using the Outremer/Croisades format. A 3-letter marking system will enable easy differentiation of the various playing pieces on the maps. Counters are available on A4 sheets (8.3" x 11.7"):
> A4 countersheet - Crusaders (Front - Back) - Updated on May 28, 2018
A4 countersheet - Saracens (Front - Back) - Updated on Jan 16, 2019

Note: Click on the counters below to see larger size artwork.

The Knights Templar

Templar 1  Templar 2  Templar 3  Templar 4 Templar 5 Templar 6

> Knight
   Templar 1

> Knight
   Templar  2

> Knight
   Templar  3

> Knight
   Templar  4

> Knight
   Templar  5

> Knight
   Templar  6


> Templar

> Templar
   Dignitary 1

> Templar
   Dignitary 2


The Nobles

Baldwin IV, the Leper King Reynald de Chatillon Balian of Ibelin Raymond of Tripoli  

> Baldwin IV,
   the Leper King

> Reynald de

> Balian of Ibelin

> Raymond
   of Tripoli

> Milon

The Men-At-Arms

> King's Guard 1

> King's Guard 2

> City Nobles

> Light Infantry

> Crossbow

> Archers

The Civilians

> The True Cross

> Peasants

> Sybilla

The Ayyubids

> Mamluks 1

> Mamluks 2

> Ghilman
   (Updated Jan.16)


> Mamluks 3

> Ghilman 2

> Anatolian
   Medium Infantry

> Fatimid
   Medium Infantry

> Archers
   (Updated Jan.6)

> Fatimid


> Light Infantry
   (Updated Jan.10)

> Fatimid Militia
   (Updated Jan.12)

> Salah ed Din


The Maps

The game will include 4 maps: A double map of the famous Crac des Chevaliers and 2 maps of open terrain, typical of Middle Eastern landscapes. An additional overlay (or actually underlay...) depicting the underground vaulted ramp of the Crac will be provided to add another challenge to the siege of the fortress.

> The Crac des Chevaliers
    (Updated Oct 7, 2018)

> (2) A2 maps
 (60cm x 80cm)

> The Vaulted Ramp
    (Updated Sept 30, 2018)
> (1) A3 map
 (60cm x 40cm)