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The goal of this little survey is to better understand your expectations and your perception of the game, as well as providing you with a realistic feedback about the Cry Havoc community. As soon as I will get a representative sample of answers (from 20 onwards), I'll post the results on this site and will update them on a regular basis. Of course, none of the results will be used for commercial purposes or will be sold or given to third-parties.

1 - Who are you?

1.1 Your age  
1.2 Your country  
1.3 Your (nick)name

2 - You and Cry Havoc

2.1 When did you discover the Cry Havoc game?  
2.2 Which games of the series do you own? Cry Havoc Siege Samurai Outremer
  Templars' Cast. Med. Town Viking R.  
  Dragon Noir 1/
        Dark Blades
Dragon Noir 2 Guiscard Diex Aie
  The Anarchy Ager Sanguinis    
2.3 Do you still own them? Yes No    
2.4 If not, do you want to buy them again? Yes No    
2.5 What is your preferred game?    
2.6 Which one do you like the less?    
2.7 Which sentence better matches your interest for Cry Havoc today? A nice youth memory, but I switched to other topics
One out of the 50 games I follow up on web forums
30 years old (the game, not me unfortunately) and not one wrinkle
2.8 What do you do with the downloadable material on this site? I store everything on my hard drive, just in case.
I print out everything
I play with
2.9 Which new material do you expect the most? Maps Counters Scenarios Rules
  CyberBoard boxes Vassal Modules
3 - Are you still playing?    
3.1 Do you still play Cry Havoc?    
3.2 How do you play? Solitaire Face to Face CyberBoard Vassal
3.3 How much time do you have to play on average?    
4 - Your feedback    
4.1 About Cry Havoc in general
4.2 About the Norman Saga series
4.3 About the Cry Havoc Fan web site
4.4 About your expectations

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