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December 22, 2005 A new map of a Swamp, designed by Eric Bertrand.
November 28, 2005 Updated sales figures for eBay transactions until end of October.
November 8, 2005 You can check the first sketches of 14th century foot soldiers for the upcoming HORSE RAIDERS extension.
  The last 2 scenarios for the Battle of Mons-en-Pévèle are available.
November 6, 2005 The first 2 scenarios for the Battle of Mons-en-Pévèle (1304) are on line. These are still beta versions that need to be tested, especially in term of balance between both sides. Note that the Marsh map, taken from Claymore 6 and colorized by Beorthulf should be available on Vassal very soon. Both following scenarios should be made available shortly.
October 24, 2005 Updated sales figures for eBay transactions, including an interesting breakdown of the 324 transactions recorded so far by box.
October 9, 2005 Superb 3-layer Luxemburgian castle called Buerg Bierefelz designed by Caranorn and colorized by Eric Bertrand.
  I'm leaving again for a business trip, so do not expect any updates until October 22. Sorry for that.
September 27, 2005 Check and register on the new Cry Havoc Fan Forum to share ideas and experience about this game. A similar forum in French was opened back in June and we have already posted over 2,000 messages!
September 25, 2005 Broken links to map files of various extensions (Caravanserai, Welsh Castle, Fortified Harbor) have been restored.
September 18, 2005 Patched version for CyberBoard (v3.01) to correct a few bugs found on v3.0. Thanks to Alex Henderson for sending it.
September 4, 2005 Here is the next step in designing the dual-map "The Fortified Village". Colors add a lot but the maps are still far from being completed !
September 1st, 2005 Updated How Much page with the last figures for August. It looks like the sale by LudikBazar of brand new stuff from Jeux Descartes at moderate price has limited the inflation on a few transactions on eBay.
August 31, 2005 Eric Bertrand has made slight edits to his colored maps, including an enhancement to better align the river of the Fortified Bridge with the Abbey one.
August 30, 2005 The final CyBerBoard v3 is now available. Many thanks to Alex Henderson for providing it to the Fan.
August 26, 2005 Eric Bertrand follows up with new colored maps, designed by Jief : The Abbey & The Roman Tower. He has also enhanced the resolution of the Outpost map up to 300 DPI.
August 22, 2005 Sorry for the month-long interruption, but the power supply of my PC had died, and Dell after sales service is much less efficient than their on-line sales tools!
  Eric Bertrand has colorized the Fortified Bridge map designed by Jief.
July 24, 2005 Discover a preview of my upcoming extension called HORSE RAIDERS, a campaign game designed as a tactical scenario generator.
  3 sites where you can buy Cry Havoc stuff (new or used) on a regular basis have been added to the How Much page.
July 14, 2005 Another game based on Samurai Blades, called On Deadly Ground. This is a true computer game, designed by Conlan Rios. This platform looks very promising, and future developments should be focused on Cry Havoc.
June 13, 2005 Here is an outstanding Vassal extension, for Samurai Blades, created by Gorodoff, with wonderful castle maps he created with a Map Builder tool that is also available for download.
  A bug has been fixed on Simon, a Rebel of Dragon Noir 1, whose movement points were left at 8 while wounded. Thanks to Scorion for the update.
July 11, 2005 CyberBoard players may have a hard time finding the v3 engine on the web. I have uploaded the Beta 7 for this purpose.
  Updated How Much page as of end of June.
June 27, 2005 4 new B&W maps created 10 years ago by a French player nicknamed Jief. Only a full-screen preview is available at this time. Full scale, cleaned maps, colorization and scenarios are on their way. Special rules have been written that I will translate soon.
June 7, 2005 I have added a page giving a brief overview of materials that have only been released in the French section of this site, for lack of a decent English translation so far. You will find new extensions, counters, compiled rules and more.
June 1, 2005 Updates of the How Much page. My activity with this website has been fairly slow over the last couple of months due to heavy workload. I will hopefully be able to resume with more exciting updates soon. Thanks for your patience.
May 10, 2005 Scenario 1 for the Welsh Castle has been modified to take into account the conclusions of the play test done by 2 community members in Quebec. Most edits have to do with the initial setup and the addition of rules to destroy the barrels.
May 3, 2005 Updates of the How Much page and of the feedback page for the maps purchased in the Shoppe.
May 2, 2005 Scenario 2 for the Welsh Castle has been modified to take into account the conclusions of the play test done by 2 community members in Quebec. Most edits have to do with the general balance that was too much in favor of the Welsh player. A more challenging output for fleeing masons has been added as well.
April 15, 2005 The original rules of Cry Havoc were not available on this site. This mistake is now corrected.
March 29, 2005 The last extension for Vassal, the Ships, is now available. Please note that the Group feature is now available as a Beta on Vassal V2.0 to move a ship and its passengers at the same time.
March 12, 2005 I'm leaving for a 2-week business trip, so do not expect any update until March 28th at the earliest. Sorry for that!
March 7, 2005 Updated FAQ, especially with a link suggested by R. Fluck for a shareware to print large maps on a home printer.
  Updated How Much section, with more extensions and maps covered, as well as useful links and tips to pay less.
March 5, 2005 For those of you who didn't succeed in updating both the Vassal Cry Havoc module and the Croisades extension (on Linux for instance), I have upgraded these files to download directly in version 1.1
  The scenario 7 of the Robin Hood Campaign (the executioner of Nottingham) has been enhanced following a test yesterday night. Its Vassal setup is now available as well.
PS: we had great fun, even though Laberne got killed while trying to run away the gibbet.
March 3d, 2005 The latter Vassal extension is the Templars' Castle, made of 2 maps and a record sheet.
February 28, 2005 Light Cavalry is a new class of characters that has been created by Reanonyme. Various types of these have been added to the Montjoie extension. A short description and dedicated scenarios will be coming soon.
February 26, 2005 The latter Vassal extension is the Fortified Harbor, made of 4 maps (including 2 overlays of the medieval town).
February 23, 2005 The avalanche of Vassal extensions carries on, this time with a pack of 5 maps (Open Field, Ford, Coast 1&2, Shingle Bay), designed by Martin Moser. Expect the Templars' Castle and Fortified Harbor very soon.
February 22, 2005 4 Vassal scenario setups are available for the Welsh Castle.
February 20, 2005 Updated scenario 1 for the Caravanserai following a beta-test performed by Scorion and Jo@rloc.
February 19, 2005 For those of who may have faced an issue with updating the Vassal module with the "Jar" file, here is a FAQ.
  The Robin Hood Campaign, translated by Bob Gingell, has been put in a more attractive format for you to get a better understanding of the sometimes complex map assembly.
February 18, 2005 And here is the Vikings extension for Vassal, including the ships, by Martin Moser.
February 17, 2005 3 all-new Vassal extensions, including Dragon Noir 1 & 2 with all their creatures and underground maps, as well as a pack of maps to play El-Khaf Castle, the outpost or the Albigensian bastide.
February 14, 2005 Our friend Zorn noticed that 2 crossbows from Siege didn't bear the armor values and related movement restrictions though they wear a gambison. The mistake has been fixed and the corrected counters will be part of the upcoming Vassal update for Siege.
February 11, 2005 2 Vassal updates to fix a few little bugs on the counters of the base module and the Croisades extension. I took the opportunity to revamp the Vassal section with a dedicated page for the scenarios.
February 9, 2005 New Montjoie Scenario 3 and updated Scenario 2 following a play test. All 3 scenarios for Montjoie are now available with their Vassal setup as well.
February 6, 2005 Vassal setup for the first 3 scenarios of the Caravanserai are now available.
February 5, 2005 All Cry Havoc scenarios are now available in ready-to-play format for Vassal.
February 4, 2005 3 new scenarios for the Welsh Castle, 2 of them being linked.
February 2, 2005 Scenario 22 (Blocade) from the Booklet Nr 2 has been made available for Vassal.
February 1, 2005 Following the French CH community, I'm proposing a Scenario Test Program to ensure good playability and balance of all the material proposed through the various extensions. Just download the Test Sheet and provide us with your feedback.
  Vassal setup and log files for the "Abduction from the serai" scenario.
January 26, 2005 Board galore from various members of the community! Eric Bertrand has created a double tactical board showing a Southern French fortified village (called Bastide there). On my side, I modified the Village board to add walls. Eric also redrew the strategic map of the Albigensian Crusade campaign (soon to come in English) and colorized the Outpost board of Pierre Berclaz. Finally, Joarloc realised the Castle of El Khaf, based on a scenario from Duccio Vitale published in Casus Belli back in the 90's.
January 23, 2005 Participate in a new Board Creation Contest, using cut-out elements that are ready to download: it's simple, easy and quite creative! The best boards will drawn by the community specialists for everybody to play with them.
January 17, 2005 Following a test on Vassal, the scenario 4 for the Caravanserai has been updated for greater balance: it was too easy for the Syrians to shoot the Crusaders from the roofs with little ability to fight back. Ladders have been added to give them the opportunity to use another path than the narrow street to the medina. Combat ability of the Crusaders has been improved with a pair of crossbows, one halberdier and knight to replace weaker characters.
January 15, 2005 A new scenario using the Caravanserai map, with its Vassal ready-to-play version.
January 11, 2005 2 scenarios from the Booklet Nr 2 have been made available for Vassal: with them, you save 15 minutes for the setup and are ready to play.
January 7, 2005 Here is the mighty Dragon Noir (Black Dragon) of the French edition of Dark Blades.
January 1st, 2005 Just to prepare for a lot of new stuff in 2005, I have archived all the news of 2004.