The Fan

December 29, 2004 I have posted a full page with your feedback about the maps, now that people in the USA are eventually getting theirs (it took about 2 weeks).
December 27, 2004 Updated How Much section for the Eurogames boxes, as many of them went for sale this last month.
December 25, 2004 Updated Nefs & Galleys scenarios thanks to Bob Gingell.
  8 new counters designed by Jo@rloc, that can be downloded from his web site.
  Dragon Noir Rules in German have been added, thanks to Bob Gingell.
December 21, 2004 A new Gamebox CyberBoard v3 to create your own castles, by Alex Henderson.
  The scenarios, reference sheet and spell cards for Dark Blades are now on line. Many thanks to Bob Gingell and Stefano Gaburri for their help.
December 19, 2004 Dark Blades now has a dedicated page, where the contents of its Expansion Set is also described. The previous page was actually a Dragon Noir page and didn't really pay tribute for its predecessor.
December 18, 2004 Second scenario for Nefs & Galleys, based on the battle of Sluys in 1340. One or 2 other scenarios will be based on this battle.
December 16, 2004 The first scenario for the Nefs & Galleys extension, at last! Please note also that the Galley has been modified (shorter forecastle) on the "map" on sale, and downloadable files have been updated accordingly
December 12, 2004 The maps of the bridge of OrlÚans (Joan of Arc) have been rescanned, enhanced and put to the Cry Havoc standard.
December 11, 2004 Following the renaming of the Siege Tower (now called Belfry), the rules have been slightly amended. The high resolution file is now a JPEG at 300 DPI.
December 10, 2004 Thanks to Jim Waters (and originally Lutz), the historical booklet of Cry Havoc has been added.
December 8, 2004 New color rendering of the various maps published in Claymore or Journal du StratŔge. New set of rules by Bob Gingell dealing with multi-layer towers.
December 5, 2004 Revamped navigation for the Shoppe to make your shopping experience easier and more convenient: you no longer have to calculate the shipping charges: the system does it for you!
  The Castle map of SIEGE has been rescanned at higher resolution (150 DPI) for better rendering.
December 2, 2004 Navigation within "The Game" section has been enhanced, and the Siege Tower extension name has been changed to The Belfry, to avoid any confusion with the engine of the SIEGE game.
  Alex Henderson has changed the format of his scanned maps for CyberBoard compatibility. All map links to his site have been updated to refelect the change in file fomat and size.
December 1, 2004 The Castle of MontsÚgur map is gaining a new interest as Beorthulf of Australia is currently in the process of colorizing it. I took this opportunity to reformat all 4 scenarios (designed by Philippe Gaillard and translated by Bob Gingell) dealing with the Albigensian Crusade and published in Claymore Nr 4.
November 24, 2004 The original Cry Havoc scenario booklet is available for download. I still need to scan the set of rules.
  3 B&W maps published in "Le Journal du StratŔge" in the late 80's displaying an outpost, a windmill and a watermill. The latter two are multi-layers. Thanks to Bob Gingell for the scans.
November 23, 2004 The How Much? page has been updated with the latest prices found on eBay and a few useful tips for bargain hunters.
  Interesting pieces of information added about another project that Eurogames never completed.
November 21, 2004 Due to large demand, I have added the shipping charges for more than 4 maps in the Shoppe.
November 15, 2004 The Shoppe is open! If you want to purchase maps, please check the (still limited) catalog and send me an email with your choice and pay in advance via PayPal. Late November delivery.
November 14, 2004 Thanks to Bob Gingell, all rules and scenarios of Viking Raiders and Outremer have been scanned and are now available.
November 8, 2004 Second scenario for the Fortified Harbor. Look for the pun in the name of the tower...
  Last part of the survey results are posted, including your feedback about the extensions I designed, the site and your expectations.
November 7 2004 At last the rules and first scenario for the Fortified Harbor. A second one should be posted tomorrow
November 5, 2004 Second part of the survey results are posted, including how you play and your feedback about the franchise.
November 4, 2004 Here are the first results of the survey. Other pages will be posted tomorrow.
November 1st, 2004 Please fill out this small survey to know more about your expectations and help build a representative image of the Cry Havoc community.
  Map printing has never been any closer. You can already preview what will be printed and for what price. As soon as I will figure out the shipping charges, I'll open the shoppe and accept orders.
  Preview the first 4 strategic counters for Croisades, to replace the original ones that were not up to the graphical quality of the rest of the series.
October 28, 2004 Transverse play sheets are available for download (they are equivalent to the tables v3.0 of Vassal).
  The Coast Nr 2 map is finally available as a GIF file. The TIFF is also available but I'm running short of space on this site. Should you need it, just drop me an eMail.
October 25, 2004 The last map for Samurai, the Village of The White Dragon, is on line.
  The Others section has been rearranged, with dedicated pages for new maps and counters. To start the Other Counters page, I have posted previews of various counters I designed long ago to go with the Caravanserai extension. Have a look and let me know if you feel they deserve being completed.
October 23, 2004 The Krob and Gharv counters of Dragon Noir 2 are finally available, thanks to Alexandre Arnulfo.
October 15, 2004 Both missing Saracen counters in high resolution (Mounted Sejuks and Fatimid pikemen), as well as the correction of the Templar Roger counter are available.
  Ready-to play Vassal scenarios from the Scenario Booklet 2 and the Basileus extension have been added to the Vassal section
  The missing Arena map in the Dark Blades section has been finally added, as well as sample of the strategic map of the island of Labrynthia.
October 12, 2004 The maps The Coast Nr 1 (Viking Raiders) and The Temple (Samurai Blades) have been added in both high and low resolutions.
October 11, 2004 2 brand new extensions for Vassal: The Welsh Castle and the Fortified Town. A revised version of the tables has also been uploaded.
October 5, 2004 The final rules and a third scenario (the actual Nr 2) for Castell Arybrynwrthym˘r are on line. Please note that a Vassal extension for the Welsh Castle should be available in a few days.
October 2, 2004 Another scenario for Castell Arybrynwrthym˘r.
October 1, 2004 The second part of the scenario booklet 2 for Cry Havoc is now available for download thanks to Stefano Gaburri who scanned all the pages.
September 29, 2004 New, enhanced beta version (1.0c) of the rules for Castell Arybrynwrthym˘r, with the historical background and the rules for portcullis and gates. The first scenario (that doesn't use the castle map but the medieval town...) is also on line.
September 29, 2004 The pre-order list has been updated. Please check your listing if you have not done it already.
September 28, 2004 New page about both scenario booklets that were published by Standard Games.
  Addition of the detailed contents of the 3 figurine boxes.
  The broken link to the scaffolding file in GIF format is fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
September 26, 2004 The markers for the Welsh castle are available for download.
  A much needed update of the Work in progress page.
September 25, 2004 A first (incomplete) version of the rules for the Welsh Castle are available. They detail how to play with the walls under construction and include a description of the castle.
September 24, 2004 The Walls under construction and the treadmill for Castell Arybrynwrthym˘r, the Welsh castle are available for download.
September 22, 2004 Thanks to Bob Gingell and 2 French readers, I have been able to gather enough information and pictures about the Cry Havoc metal figures to create a new page. Should you know more, please let me know.
September 11, 2004 Castell Arybrynwrthym˘r, the Welsh castle, is available for download. Markers, rules and scenarios will need some additional time to be available. Thanks for your patience!
September 7, 2004 You can check your pre-order form to buy the various game pieces in this enclosed list and send me an eMail if a change is needed.
  Various FAQs for Vassal have been added, dealing with game setup and hardware needed to enjoy the game to its full extent.
September 3, 2004 I found the list prices of Eurogames back in 1998 and posted them in the How Much section for your reference.
August 27, 2004 Addition of the record sheets of Siege, the Templars' Castle, and the Medieval Town (both of them in French, as I don't know if they ever existed in English), as well as the magic terrains of Dragon Noir 1.
August 26, 2004 To help you figure out the right price when buying on eBay or elsewhere a game box of the Cry Havoc series, a dedicated page has been created to list the average amount of the latest transactions.
August 23, 2004 Bertrand Merlier has created a new, large map from elements taken from several other maps and called it "The Tonlieu", which was a medieval tax.
  Minor updates to the Templars' Castle and Medieval Town game contents.
August 8, 2004 The pre-order form was not functioning since the upgrade of the site. Operation has now resumed, but do not expect any new material to get printed until this fall.
August 4, 2004 Martin Moser has completed the Croisades (Outremer) extension for Vassal. As a bonus, you will get both maps and camel counters from the Caravanserai and the Hill map from Basileus. There are now 10 maps to play with Vassal, with the Templars' Castle and the Medieval Town to come!
July 31, 2004 What is the current market price for a box of Cry Havoc? First answers in the FAQ section, until a dedicated page covers this important topic more deeply and accurately.
July 18, 2004 The map The Marsh, published in Claymore Nr 6, is now on line, as well as the full contents of all Claymore issues up to Nr 6.
July 13, 2004 The new Cry Havoc Fan is eventually on line! More graphics, more contents, more files to download. I hope you will like it!
June 23, 2004 A new map, called The Desert, is available in the Basileus section.
June 15, 2004 The Siege extension for VASSAL is now available, as well as a user's manual and enhanced tables.
May 22, 2004 The Cry Havoc module for VASSAL (real-time, on line gaming) is finally available! Download the various components in this dedicated page.
May 14, 2004 4 A3 color maps from the last Claymore issue, representing the river defenses of the city of Orleans in 1429 are posted in the Miscellaneous section.
April 16, 2004 No more new stuff on this site until May 1st: I have to leave for a 2-week business trip. Sorry!
April 14, 2004 A new, graphically enhanced Ransom counter for Cry Havoc has been added in the Cry Havoc game section.
April 13, 2004 The Norman knights are available for download, including the new standard bearers in the Basileus section.
April 12, 2004 Check the preview of Norman knights of the 11th century to use with Basileus and enjoy their kite shields..
April 9, 2004 The Cyberboard section has been renamed "Playing On Line" and will focus on providing counters in all stances to play either Cyberboard or Vassal. Some Cry Havoc counters are already included.
April 1, 2004 The Peltastoi and Psiloi (medium and light infantry) have been added to the Basileus section (preview only for the time being).
March 31, 2004 The Skutatoi (heavy infantry) have been added to the Basileus section (preview only for the time being).
March 30, 2004 A new Basileus section has been created to let you download modified counters for the Byzantine army. You can already preview 2 types of counters: the Kataphrapktoi and the Klibanophoroi.
March 28, 2004 A new map, The Hill, has been added to the Montjoie set of rules. It was designed 10 years ago and has been digitally enhanced to meet the standards of other maps.
March 24, 2004 2 new scenarios to use with the Montjoie extension are now available.
March 22, 2004 I eventually posted some information about my love affair with Cry Havoc, for you to understand the story behind all this material I've been publishing recently.
March 21, 2004 2 new scenarios to use with the Siege Tower are now available.
March 19, 2004 A toolbox for you to create your own scenarios based on my template is now available.
  The Links page has been completed with Marcos Hidalgo's and Lutz's pages. Sorry to both of them for not doing it earlier!
March 17, 2004 The rules for the Caravanserai and camels are on line.
  3 scenarios for the Caravanserai are now available. I will try to standardize this template for any new scenario to come in the future.
March 11, 2004 Bug fix on the Nef map that was not exactly put to scale. Addition of a 2-hex bridge coming from DRAGON NOIR 2 that will be used for embarkation/disembarkation.
  Creation of a new Miscellaneous section where you will find various maps and other material related to the game that I didn't create or edit.
March 9, 2004 All medieval ships are now available for download, in both High and low resolutions with their description. This section has been renamed "Nefs & Galleys", which will be the name of the upcoming rules.
March 6, 2004 The new version of the Montjoie rules is now available for download.
March 4, 2004 Creation of a new "Work In Progress" section to keep you up to date with what is still to be made available for download.
  A few website graphics improvements
March 3, 2004 Preview of the map of the castle of  MontsÚgur, as published in Claymore Nr 3 and created by Philippe Gaillard (Historic' One).
March 1, 2004 Creation of a New section to log any edits made to the site for easier reference.
  Creation of a CyberBoard section, but you will have to help me to post information as I don't know anything about PBEM!
February 29, 2004 Down links for Fortified Harbor 4 and 5 restored.
  Download link for Hoardings restored. 
February 28, 2004 Cry Havoc Fan website created