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Below is an abstract of some of your comments. I kindly remind you that authors of excessively positive comments will not get any free maps whatsoever ;-)
Panel Size: 76 Published: November 08, 2004
Carry on, we are all with you ! (Trans.) Souley France
Very good, but I would like more, Mr Cadbury (Trans. Refers to a Cadbury ad that was aired in France 20 years ago. You may not get it...) Tyrion France
Getting better every day (Trans.) Vikking France
Too Politically Correct To Be Honest    
Excellent, no other word !!! (Trans.) Runnox France
Bravissimo ! Bonzillou France
Tip top !The best Cry Havoc website ! (Trans.) Tom France
Awesome, thanks again for the time spent. (Trans.) pbd3 6200 France
Brilliant, a very nice and big piece of work. Thanks a lot. (Trans.) Tracto/jean paul France
Impressive! This site is both the ultimate reference of the Cry Havoc franchise but also a site for new stuff and the future, which brings a new life to the community. Bravo ! (Trans.) Lagaff2003 France
You know it already. You did an awesome job. (Trans.) Marc aka Caran Luxemburg
EAt least a successful usage of the web. Many thanks to the master! (Trans.) Victor France
Outstanding quality. Frequency of updates and dynamism we can guess is quite impressive. (Trans.) Laurent Schmitt France
I'm playing again thanks to CHF. (Trans.) oxtorne2000 France
Overall: Perfect! (Trans.) A. Sinnesael France
The best thing that could happen to the game. Martin Moser Germany
Awesome+++ (Trans.) Anonymous France
Nothing to add. It's a jewel! (Trans.) PhilH France
Couldn't be better. We have all benefited from your time and love for the game. Eddie Kimo USA
Brilliant, huge job! Bravo! (Trans.) Sir Lacy Belgium
Wonderful site, much appreciated Poliphily USA
Unbelievable! (Trans.) Arnaud France
Lucky Ones    
Found it by chance and didn't regret it. (Trans.) Amalrian France
Awesome, I just found it. I will definitely resume playing. (Trans.) Sycamoac Belgium
Discovered by chance. Congratulations folks. (Trans.) elendriel France
Picky Ones    
Beautiful ! Functional, clear, neat ! (Trans.) Joarloc France
Clear, neat and precise (Trans.) Scorion France
Worried One    
Too nice. I just hope that you won't get into trouble with all this copyrighted material. (Trans.) ex_fermier France
Space Ones    
Happiness is all around ! (Trans.) Thierry France
Unbelievable ... I'm fascinated. (Trans.) Anonymous France
Feet On The Ground    
Easy to navigate and hopefully being able to purchase new maps. (Trans.)  cjsloki France
Nice layout and active community. (Trans.) beorthulf Australia
Posting playable modules with Cyberboard or Vassal is a nice alternative to the space issue in the living room to play with a set of maps. (Trans.) Anonymous France
I've not seen everything yet. I stick to my maps and counters. I don't plan to use Vassal in the short run. (Trans.) Anonymous France
You put a significant and respectable level of effort into the site and it shows. Thank you. Jack USA

Come Backers

Well done -- I check it every couple of days in anticipation. Walram USA
A very good initiative that forced me to remove the dust over my boxes to kill knights and peasants once more. (Trans.) Vendebois France