New Maps - June 2014





The Crusader Trail

The Knoll

The Meadow

Map displaying an open terrain with a hill and a small marsh alongside a trail. It can be used as a substitution to the original "The Crossroads" map which is now very difficult to find.


Map displaying a hill with a few knolls at its footsteps

Map displaying a flat terrain with some sparse vegetation. Perfect for cavalry charges. It can be used as a substitute to the original "The Open Field" map.

The Wharf

The Bell Tower


A small junction map displaying a wharf with its warehouse. It can be associated with the Welsh Castle (v2) map to provide the same aspect as its first version.

A small junction map displaying a watch tower overlooking the sea.

Overlays to add hoardings to tower and battlement hexes on castle maps.

The Welsh Castle (v2)

Walls & Scaffolding (v2)


Map displaying a 13th Century castle on a rocky hill. Design is inspired by Harlech and Caernarfon castles in Wales. The original wharf on the left hand side was removed and is now a specific junction map for increased versatility. The stones were completely redesigned and a regular hex grid is now applied.
Overlays to simulate building walls (straight walls, round & square towers, etc.) and scaffolding. The belfry of the first version was removed to make room for more walls, I added 2 square towers found in Guiscard and the Cove map and a regular hex grid is now applied.
We only have a few Desert maps left and their price is now down to 4 Euros (instead of 7 Euros)