Die Byzantinische Armeen



Der Normannische Zyklus 


Die Erweiterung


This extension was initially created by Christian Delabos, from the Claymore magazine, and was then published in Vae Victis Nr 7 of March/April 1996. I contributed by adding morale and command rules, as I was working on similar rules at the same period. A few rules have been edited, others have been added, but most of the modifications have dealt with the counters to make them specific.

Die Spielplan

Standard size map showing some desertic landscape with a little butte and 3 palm trees. Perfect for knight charges or deployment of massive forces. This is the second version of this map. Graphics were enhanced (new terrain and slope aspects, bilingual texts with improved font, new regular hex grid).

The Desert (v2)
> The Desert (second version)

> A2 (60 x 40)
> TIFF - Mb
- 2.5 Mb


Die Einheiten

These counters have been edited from those of VIKINGS, CROISADES and CRY HAVOC. They use the CROISADES format (higher speed for horses, defense armor and direction arrow for horses).
Click on each counter to preview the whole series

Die Byzantiner

> Klibanophoroï

> 6 counters
> TIFF - 3.0 Mb

> GIF -

> Kataphtaktoï

> 6 counters
> TIFF - 2.4 Mb
> GIF - 171 Kb



> 6 counters
> TIFF - 681 Kb

> GIF - 233 Kb


> 6 counters
> TIFF - 960 Kb

> GIF - 99 Kb


Die Normannen

> Normannen

> 9 counters
> TIFF - 3.8 Mb
(6 counters only)
> GIF - 405 Kb
The following counters have been created by "Foulque", based on a request I made. Unlike the other counters in the series, the stances of the healthy characters and their wounded sides are different, which can be challenging for gameplay, but looks gorgeous anyway.


> 3 counters
> TIFF -  1.2 Mb

> GIF - 147 Kb


> 9 counters
> TIFF - 1.1 Mb

> GIF - 110 Kb


Die Regeln


A beta version that must be much enhanced exist in French only at this time. It will provide more realistic rules for 11th century Normans. dBAb01 - PDF -  337 Kb
   v.b01 - 2/9/2020

The scenarios


Sc1- The Abandoned Village : The Norman Robert Guiscard on his way back from a raid is trapped by a group of Byzantines eager to stop his pillaging.  dScBA1 - PDF - 434 Kb
   v1.2 - 2/9/2020/2020
Sc2- The Furor Of Richard: Richard The Lionheart seeks revenge against the Byzantines of Cyprus and lands on the beach of Limassol. The morale of his enemies seems to faint quickly.  dScBA2 - PDF - 155 Ko
   v 1.0 - 2/9/2020/2020
Sc3- The Desperate Sally: Nothing can stand in front of George  Maniakes in his conquest of Sicily, except the city of Syracuse. dScBa3 - PDF - 179 Ko
   v 1.0 - 2/9/2020/2020
Sc4- No Pay, No Fight! : The Varangian and Turkish mercenaries of Strategos George want to be paid while they are about to attack the looters' camp. dScBa4 - PDF - 140 Ko
   v 1.0 - 2/9/2020/2020
Sc5- The Strait of St George: Fleeing Byzantines must cross the Bosphorus while enemies shoot at them, but a Turkish felucca is about to block the road to liberty. dScBa5 - PDF - 142 Ko
   v 1.0 - 2/9/2020/2020