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The Extension


The CARAVANSERAI adds an exotic flavor to OUTREMER/CROISADES with the introduction of camels.

The caravanserai itself is an intermediate level of defense, mid way between the Village and Castle maps.

The Map

Standard size map showing an inner bailey (sort of) surrounded by stables and an Inn with a covered way to a small medina on higher elevation. This is the second version of this map. Graphics were enhanced (new terrain and slope aspects, bilingual texts with improved font, new regular hex grid).

> The Caravanserai (second version)

> A2 (60 x 40)


The Counters

3 types of counters are proposed, including camel riders with javelins, pack camels and camels with a litter.
Preview (GIF) - 202 Kb

> Camel Riders

> 6 counters
> TIFF - 4.3 Mb

> GIF - 273 Kb

> Pack Camels

> 4 counters
> TIFF - Included with Camel Riders
> GIF - 104 Kb

> Camels with Litter

> 2 counters
> TIFF - Included with Camel Riders
> GIF - Included with Pack Camels

The Rules


They focus on the use of camels : how to climb up or down or to kneel them. Their negative influence on nearby horses is part of the rules as well.
Table of contents - PDF - 63 Kb
Caravanserai 1.0 - PDF - 982 Kb
The Scenarios Vassal Download
Sc1- The Dust Cloud : A small group of Hospitalers is entrenched in the caravanserai and tries to resist hordes of Saracens while a rescue party is on its way. Yes eScCV1 - PDF - 348 Kb - Updated!
(Feb 20, 2005)
Sc2 - Bedouins Are No Better Than Chatillon :  A caravan tries to reach the caravanserai while being attacked by beduins. Yes eScCV2 - PDF - 152 Kb
Sc3 - Road To Harem : An Amir is escorting his daughter to her future home but a group of Franks is looking for a wedding gift. Yes eScCV3 - PDF - 218 Kb
Sc4 - Fight Under The Vine :  A group of Crusaders is committed to killing a Syrian that escaped through the narrow street of the caravanserai. Yes eScCV4 - PDF - 130 Kb - Updated!
(Jan 17, 2005)
Sc5 - Abduction From The (Caravan)serai : Balian of Turbessel has put on Arab clothes to try and rescue his wife which has been taken as prisoner by the Turks. Yes eScCV5 - PDF - 120 Kb - Beta!
Log file of a game played on Jan
   30, 2005