Dragon Noir 3 & 4 (Aborted Projects)

 The Game

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The Game


The last two installments of the Dragon Noir franchise have been long awaited but never got published. Here are the reasons stated by Duccio Vitale, the game designer: 
> Time factor: Eurogames got acquired by Jeux Descartes, a larger French boardgame company. Duccio was also in charge of export sales with countless travels, especially when creating branch offices in Germany, Italy and the USA. 
> Bottom line factor: Any time spent developing these last 2 episodes was at the expense of more profitable games like Condottiere, Méditerranée and the French version of the Settlers of Katäne. He also had to deal with game reprints for the German and American markets. Dragon Noir quantities were much smaller than these other games and their cost was much higher due to the expensive translation process. 

The intent was to provide ALL ArKö Iriss characters as playing counters. 

The War Wolves

The War Wolves are the only characters that got sketched. Click on each picture to enjoy them in full size.

> Chief with axe

> Chief with   

> Crossbow

> Standard

> Halberdier

> Mounted


Synopsys of the last two episodes


Duccio Vitale has been kind enough to share with us the frame of both episodes. Attached is a quick summary (in French only at this time). PDF
    > Dragon Noir 3 & 4 (French only
       at this time)- 134 Kb