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Casus Belli was THE French wargame magazine back in the 70's and 80's. Then in the 90's, more and more pages were devoted to role playing games to end up with no wargame coverage at all. Below is the list of the issues with a featured scenario or article about Cry Havoc.

Type Title Description Period Games Maps
  Casus Belli 23 December 1984      
H Medieval, Isn't it? The article from Patrick Giacomini that launched the game in France (and which allows you to read these pages almost 30 years later).      
  Casus Belli 27 July 1985      
S Quest for the Holy Grail The knights of the Round Table and the troops of Mordred fight to locate the Grail in a village. Arthurian legend Cry Havoc Crossroads
  Casus Belli 34 August-September 1986      
S Kill the Cathars Sir Lacy besieges his vassal Sir Clarence. Will the rescue party of Sir Wulfric arrive before it is too late? 1240 Siege Castle
  Casus Belli 45 2nd quarter 1988      
S The Way To The Harbor Is Clear Opponents to Western ambassadors try to prevent them from reaching an Eastern kingdom.    Cry Havoc
Vill. of the dragon
  Casus Belli 47 3d quarter 1988      
S Weapon carts Sir Clarence escaped his prison and wants to attack a weapon convoy at night.   Siege Forest
  Casus Belli 51 2nd quarter 1989      
S El Khaf, castle of the Assassins Sultan Baybars besieges the assassins in their lair. 1273 Croisades
Castle (x2)
H Carte El Khaf Map assembled from 2 Castle maps.      
  Casus Belli 54 4th quarter 1989      
S For the love of Edith Edith is forced to follow her future husband. A beloved archer wants to free her while his guardians are asleep in a village.   Cry Havoc Village
  Casus Belli 59 September-October 1990      
H Dragon Noir Presentation of the game      
  Casus Belli 61 January-February 1991      
H Vikings Presentation of the game      
  Casus Belli 75 January-February 1991      
H Dragon Noir 2 Presentation of the game      
S Back in the sun light A group of raiders must escape the kingdom of Alkiram, but opposite forces keep on nearing.   Dragon Noir 2 The 6 maps of DN2
  Special issue 13 December 1994      
H The medieval epic you are the hero Presentation of the Cry Havoc series      
S The rage of John Lackland Yet another story with women... 1200 Cry Havoc Village