Robin Hood against the Sheriff of Nottingham

The Norman Saga


The Norman Saga

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The Game


SHERWOOD is an introduction to medieval skirmish games like Cry Havoc or the Norman Saga. It takes up the well-known theme of Robin Hood and simulates clashes between Robin and his Merry Men against the henchmen of the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Anticipated Box Contents

> (4) A3 full-color tactical maps, giving a possibility of many different terrains;
> (1) A4 counter sheet printed in full color;
(1) 16-page A5 rule booklet;
> (1) 16-page A5 booklet including the historical background, a guide to
    the playing pieces and both strategic and tactical scenarios;
(2) play sheets for handy reference;
> (1) 10-sided die.


Difficuty table

Available Late 2022!

The Characters

The characters are displayed through counters using the Outremer/Croisades format. A 3-letter marking system will enable easy differentiation of the various playing pieces on the maps. 

Counters are available on one A4 sheet:
A4 counter sheet, Front - Back - Updated: 6/6/2022

Note: Click on the counters below to see the various stances of each character (wounded, on foot, stun or dead).

Robin Hood and his Merry Men

Robin Hood Will Scarlett - Will L'Ecarlate Maid Marian      

> Robin

> Will Scarlett

> Maid Marian

Little John Friar Tuck Gilbert Reynold Alan-a-Dale  

> Little John

> Friar Tuck

> Gilbert

> Reynold

> Alan-a-Dale


The Villagers

Much The Blacksmith Medieval peasant - Paysan médiéval Medieval peasant - Paysan médiéval Medieval peasant - Paysan médiéval Hardouin Garulf
> Blacksmith

> Peasants 1

> Peasants 2

> Peasants 3

> Hardouin

> Garulf

Isaac Rebecca Mildred Waleran    

> Isaac

> Rebecca

> Mildred

> Waleran


The Knights

William, Sheriff of Nottingham Sir Guy de Gisbourne Brian de Bois-Guilbert Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe Sir Richard Sergent à cheval - Mounted Sergeants

> William of
   the sheriff

> Sir Guy de

> Sir Brian de

> Sir Wilfred of

> Sir Roger

> Mounted

The men-at-arms

Norman light infantry - Infanterie légère normande Noman light infantry - Infantery legere normande Crossbowman - Arbalétrier Javelinman - Lanceur de javelot Medium infantry - Infanterie moyenne Folmar

> Light infantry 1

> Light infantry 2

> Crossbowmen

> Javelinmen

> Medium
   infantry 1

> Medium
   infantry 2

The accessories

Carrosse médiéval - Medieval Carriage Chariot médiéval - Medieval cart Medieval Draft Horses Coffer - Coffre    

> Carriage

> Cart

> Draft horses

> Coffer

Deer- Daim Wolf - Loup Ox - Boeuf Pig - Cochon    

> Deer

> Wolfs

> Ox

> Pig


The Maps

The game will include 4 tactical maps: The Inn, which presents a small hamlet at the edge of the forest with a forge and an inn that is accessed by a balustrade; The House of the Sheriff, with a secluded house in the forest; The Wood's Edge and The Gulch, with a recessed passage to enter the forest. 
L'Auberge - The Inn
The Inn
> A3
 (40cm x 30cm)

The Wood's Edge
> The Wood's Edge

> A3
 (40cm x 30cm)
Le Ravin - The Gulch
The Gulch
> A3
 (40cm x 40cm)

La Maison du Shériff - The Sheriff's House
> The Sheriff's House

> A3
 (40cm x 30cm)
Map Assemblies
The maps allow for many different combinations, from a village in a glade to a deep forest.
The Rules