Robin Hood plays tricks with the Sheriff of Nottingham

The Norman Saga



The Norman Saga

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The Game


SHERWOOD is an introductory game providing simplified rules that are based on the highly successful Cry Havoc series. The game has two levels of rules: one intended for young players (10 years and up) and those new to wargaming; a second level introduces additional rules that provide a more realistic gameplay. Finally, experienced players will be able to play with the complete rules of the Norman Saga series.
This wargame allows players to immerse themselves in the adventures of the famous Robin Hood and his band of outlaws. They will face the terrible Sheriff of Nottingham and his men in multiple skirmishes in Sherwood Forest or in the nearby village inn.

Rules are intended to simulate man-to-man combat, missile fire with bows, crossbows, or javelins. It's possible to ambush your opponent by pouncing from trees.

Box Contents

> (4) 11" x 16" (or 28 x 40 cm) full-color tactical maps
> (1) 8" x 12" (or 21 x 29.7 cm) counter sheet printed in full color
> (1) 24-page booklet including the rules the historical background and 8
> (1) play sheet for handy reference
> (1) 10-sided die
> (1) counter tray

Sherwood Difficuty table

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The Characters

The characters are displayed through counters using the Outremer/Croisades format. A 3-letter marking system will enable easy differentiation of the various playing pieces on the maps. 

Counters are available on one A4 sheet:
A4 counter sheet, Front - Back

Note: Click on the counters below to see the various stances of each character (wounded, on foot, stun or dead).

Robin Hood and his Merry Men

Robin Hood Will Scarlett - Will L'Ecarlate Maid Marian      

> Robin

> Will Scarlett

> Maid Marian

Little John Friar Tuck Gilbert Reynold Alan-a-Dale  

> Little John

> Friar Tuck

> Archers 1

> Archers 2

> Minstrel


The Villagers

Much The Blacksmith Medieval peasant - Paysan médiéval Medieval peasant - Paysan médiéval Medieval peasant - Paysan médiéval Hardouin Garulf
> Blacksmith

> Peasants 1

> Peasants 2

> Peasants 3

> Peasant 4

> Peasant 5

Isaac Rebecca Mildred Waleran    

> Jewish man

> Jewish woman

> Servant

> Bishop


The Knights

William, Sheriff of Nottingham Sir Guy de Gisbourne Brian de Bois-Guilbert Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe Sir Richard Sergent à cheval - Mounted Sergeants

> William of
   the sheriff

> Sir Guy de

> Sir Brian de

> Sir Wilfred of

> Sir Roger

> Mounted

The men-at-arms

Norman light infantry - Infanterie légère normande Noman light infantry - Infantery legere normande Crossbowman - Arbalétrier Javelinman - Lanceur de javelot Medium infantry - Infanterie moyenne Folmar

> Light infantry 1

> Light infantry 2

> Crossbowmen

> Javelinmen

> Medium
   infantry 1

> Medium
   infantry 2

The accessories

Carrosse médiéval - Medieval Carriage Chariot médiéval - Medieval cart Medieval Draft Horses Coffer - Coffre    

> Carriage

> Cart

> Draft horses

> Coffer

Deer- Daim Wolf - Loup Ox - Boeuf Pig - Cochon    

> Deer

> Wolves

> Ox

> Pig


The Maps

The game includes 4 tactical maps: The Inn, which presents a small hamlet at the edge of the forest with a forge and an inn that is accessed by a balustrade; The Forester's Cottage, with a secluded house in the forest; The Wood's Edge and The Gulch, with a recessed passage to enter the forest. 
L'Auberge - The Inn
The Inn
> A3
 (40cm x 30cm)

The Wood's Edge
> The Wood's Edge

> A3
 (40cm x 30cm)
Le Ravin - The Gulch
The Gulch
> A3
 (40cm x 40cm)

La Maison du Shériff - The Sheriff's House
> The Forester's Cottage

> A3
 (40cm x 30cm)
Map Assemblies
The maps allow for many different combinations, from a village in a glade to a deep forest.
The Rules
Sherwood has been specifically designed for newcomers and the younger generations who probably do not want to deal with a 50-page rulebook.
These rules were written by Martin Krauel. They include 2 levels:
> a 'Page' level, for young kids. 3 pages only!
> a 'Squire' level, for newcomers. These rules are only 7-pages long. The draft copy is published on Google Docs for you to be able to comment and suggest modifications.
> The third 'Knight' level are the standard rules of the Norman Saga. Note that Sherwood is totally compatible with the other games of the series.
The Booklet
This 24-page booklet includes the historical background, the description of the playing pieces and maps, the rules and 8 scenarios.
Historical background, rules and scenarios PDF
> Booklet v1.0 - 5,564 Kb
Illustrations for the rules
If you can't read the names of the characters in the illustrations of the rules section for this PDF, you can download this high-resolution page with the various images that were used.
> High Resolution illustrations -
    5,999 Kb
Erratum PDF
> Erratum v1.0 - 348 Kb
The Playsheet
This playsheet includes all the tables for handy reference, as well as additional "Up the tree" markers that can be scanned and printed.
Playsheet PDF
> Playsheet v1.0 - 3 100 Kb
Scenario Balancing Utility:
This Excel tool will help you build balanced scenarios using the Purchase Table included in the Scenario booklet. All the characteristics of the various SHERWOOD characters are also included in various tabs.
ZIP (Excel)
> Scenario Balancing Utility - 38 Kb
Additional scenarios
Community members make their own scenarios available to everybody.
Grisznak designed 3 scenarios for SHERWOOD: "Werewolf!", "Burn the witch!" and "Prince John's Tournament". PDF
> Scenarios 1-3 - 570 Kb
Oleg Hudiakov designed this amazing SHERWOOD module for the Vassal platform. You can now play with a remote opponent or even without th eneed to own the game.  
> SHERWOOD Module v1.0 - 7:8 Mb