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The Extension


This CRUSADER HARBOR is NOT the official one that we had been waiting for so many years and that never got published. Yet, Duccio Vitale (the designer of the game) was kind enough to share with us the original materials and we were able to reconstruct the maps and make them available in our Shoppe.

To differentiate both versions, I'm now calling this one the Crusader Harbor, while the Eurogames version was designed to be played with Saxons and Vikings counters (hence the name of Saxon Harbor that is used sometimes).

The Map

This extension for the MEDIEVAL TOWN was made of 2 standard maps plus 2 smaller maps that overlap the town map in the direction of the Montferrat gate.
The Medieval Town is not mandatory to play with the CRUSADER HARBOR, but the combination forms quite an impressive game surface. However, all scenarios use the naves and galleys of the extension with the same name.

> The Crusader Harbor

GIF (zip)

Harbor Bottom L (5.8 Mb)
    > Harbor Bottom R (5.9 Mb)
    > Harbor Top L (3.6 Mb)
    > Harbor Top R (3.7 Mb)

                 Out of print!

The Rules


This short set of rules details the various elevation levels and how to board a ship from the dock. Rules - PDF - 756 Kb
   Sept 1, 2008

The Scenarios


Sc 1 - The Fall Of Acre : the last defending Templars try to protect the Christian civilians who want to reach the harbor. The last nave is ready to leave. eScFH1 - PDF - 237 Kb
Sc 2 - The Prison Of Al-Katras : An Armenian commando tries to set a group of Christian prisoners free while they are jailed in a tower located on an island.   eScFH2 - PDF - 198 Kb
Sc 3 - Break The Blockade: A Frankish nave tries to break the maritime blockade of Tyr to bring the necessary supplies to the exhausted garrison. eScFH3 - PDF -  178 Kb
   September 19, 2008
Sc 4 - No Wool For Flanders: French Captain Gilbert must break into Southampton harbor at night to burn the wool supply of a nave that is slated to sail towards Flanders tomorrow morning. eScFH4 - PDF -  209 Kb
   September 19, 2008