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The Magazine  
This French magazine was created back in 1992 by a group of Cry Havoc fans in Sotteville-Lès-Rouen (Normandy, France).

It was published twice a year and the team managed to produce 14 issues until 1998. Each issue was 32 pages long, made out of a typewriter until the Nr 4, then from a word processor.

The contents was exclusively related to the Cry Havoc series. Then, from issue Nr 9 of early 1996, it was extended to various medieval games (like DBM and "Champs de Bataille", a game system created by Vae Victis magazine). This trend was driven by the lack of new material published by Eurogames for Cry Havoc, as it became impossible to fill one entire issue with exclusive contents.

Since then, all members have left with the exception of one. The club has been focusing on wargames with miniatures. They have a website (in French only) and can be reached here (but you'd better contact Christian Delabos directly via a Personal Message on the forum if you are looking for old issues of the magazine).


Price per issue was 20 FFR (or about 3 Euros) until Nr 8 of July/December 1995, then 22 FFR. The annual subscription for the same period accounted for 50, then 55 FFR respectively. The magazine had been available in a few stores in Paris and Normandy. 

80 copies of issue Nr 8 were printed, then 100 for the following issues.


The Contributors

The permanent team was led by Christian Delabos. He later became a certified professor of History and Geography and has written several books like the battle of Brémule (1119) or the battle of Montlhéry (1465) as well as articles for Histoire Médiévale magazine (just recently, a detailed subject about the medieval French/English war at sea in the issue 51 dated march 2004).

The other permanent writer was Fabrice Renier.

Other temporary contributors included (not exclusively) : F. Ragin-Hari, Kheir Ed-Din, David Lion, F.L. Faversham, Hervé Delattre, Philippe Gaillard, Hervé Tardy, Jean Pierre Tache, Carl Pincemin, Nathalie Sauvage, Stéphane Jacques, Pascal Pelloquet, Sylvain Fahy, Gustave Martinez.

Attached is the contents of the first issues (up to the Nr 10 for the time being).