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> June 27, 2021

- GUISCARD 2 is now released and shipping!
- PDFs of the new Rules and Scenarios booklets can be downloaded.
- We are moving! Our Shop will be shutdown from July 3 until July 22. Make sure to order now if you want your games in the coming days.

> June 3, 2021

- Our new Shoppe, with a totally modernized customer experience is now live.
- 3 new maps are available for sale: The Cave-Fortress, The Chapel and The Passage

> March 22, 2021

- GUISCARD 2 is still slated to be released in the Spring. Check the latest artwork and new maps here.

> October 23, 2021

- DIEX AÏE 2 should be available in the next 3 months. Check out the new counter sheets and map.