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Diex Ae 2



> February 26, 2022

- DIEX AE 2 is now shipping, as well as the upgrade kit for the owners of the first version of the game.
- New counters for SHERWOOD include a lot of peasants, by-standers and animals like wolves and deers!

> January 10, 2022

- You can now pre-order DIEX AE 2! The game will be available in February in 2 versions: The full box set and the upgrade kit, for those of you who already own the first version of the game..

> December 23, 2021

- The Norman knights for SHERWOOD are now posted, including the Sheriff of Nottingham and even Ivanhoe!.

> December 15, 2021

-  The presentation page for SHERWOOD, our next game is live. Discover the new maps and the first illustrations of Robin Hood, Little John, Friar Tuck and a few oher Merry Men.
- DIEX AE 2 is with the printer, but we won't get the game back until early February, due to the global paper shortage situation.