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The Extension


Castell Arybrynwrthym˘r is an hypothetical castle located on the North-West shores of Wales. Its Welsh name means "Castle on the hill by the sea", which is a perfect summary of its site.

This castle is almost impossible to besiege but the rules and markers for walls under construction will weaken its defense for very balanced game play.

The Map

Standard size map showing a castle on a hill. This second version no longer includes the adjacent wharfm but this configuration can be restored with the junction map "The Wharf". 

> Castell Arybrynwrthym˘r (v2)

> A2
   (60cm x 40cm)



The Overlays

Standard size maps with overlays to simulate building walls (straight walls, round & square towers, etc.), scaffoldings and treadmills.

Walls under construction & scaffoldings (v2)

> A2
   (60cm x 40cm)



The Markers

Various markers necessary to simulate sieges or to play the various scenarios using the Welsh castle are available.

> Portcullis


> Winch


> A5
   (21cm x 15cm)

The Rules


Rules detail how to use gates and portcullis, as well as the way to deal with rock hexes. Walls under construction deserve a complete section. PDF
    > History and Rules (A4 - 1.6 Mb)

The Scenarios


Sc1 - The Ship of Hope: Will the boat full of supplies succeed in luring the Welsh troops to reach the besieged castle? eScAR1 - PDF - 152 Kb
    v2.1 - May 10, 2005
Sc2 - Lunch Break: Llewelyn knows that he cannot wait for the castle to be completed to attack it. Why not attack while the masons are eating? eScAR2 - PDF - 220 Kb
    v2.1 - May 02, 2005
Sc3 - Caernarfon on Fire: The Welsh led by Madog have already stormed the city of Caernarfon. Will the castle, yet unfinished, stop them? eScAR3 - PDF - 319 Kb
Sc4 - By Land & By Sea: Combined land and sea assault against a coastal castle. eScAR4 - PDF - 168 Ko
   Feb 04, 2005
Sc5 - Counter Strike: (sequel to the previous scenario) King Edward has ordered to take the castle back at any cost and to stop these damned Welsh rebels. eScAR5 - PDF - 156 Ko
   Feb 04, 2005
Sc6 - Safety Wall: The craftsmen building the castle think that the wall surrounding their village make it a safe place against the Welsh. Big mistake! eScAR6 - PDF - 151 Ko
    Feb 04, 2005
Sc7 - The Infant Abduction: .Sir Robin takes advantage of the defenders being asleep to sneak into the castle to try and make away with the son of his enemy Sir Roger. eScAR7 - PDF - 126 Ko
    Oct 09, 2006