Playing On Line

Software Package


CyberBoard is the most popular PBEM at this time. This high quality shareware program by Dale Larson which uses specially constructed "gameboxes" to allow you to play any board game by email. The system allows you to easily graphically design the various parts of a board game on your computer. The players can make their moves and exchange recorded versions of the moves with their opponents. The opponent can then play back the moves. CyberBoard is not a computer opponent. It provides no artificial intelligence capability.



Alex Henderson has created many Gameboxes using CyberBoard v3 for the game series. The following links let you download them directly from his site Cry Havoc Games.

The Samurai and Dragon Noir 1 Gameboxs have been created by Marcos Hidalgo

Cry Havoc - 3.5 Mb
Siege - 3.9 Mb
Outremer - 3.6 Mb
Croisades (Strategic) - 2.5 Mb
Dragon Noir 1 (D. Blades) - 5.1 Mb
Castle Construction Set
Alex Henderson has designed this new Gamebox for CyberBoard v3 to create your own castles using the various wall elements of the Welsh Castle extension. A page of explanations and examples has been posted on his site.
Castle Construction Set - 2.3 Mb
CyberBoard v3.01
This patched version corrects a few bugs found on the original v3.0.
CyberBoard v3.01 - 1.3 Mb
   Sept 18, 2005