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The Extension


NEFS & GALLEYS is an adaptation of the naval rules of VIKINGS to the medieval world. The major evolution is the use of sails, which adds a new tactical level to the game.
This extension was first published under the name Byzance into Claymore in 1997, but no new ships were available at that time.  

The Ships

5 new ships are now available. 3 of them are brand new, with a respectable size: The nef, the galley and the horse carrier. Both others (the fellucca and the cog) are adaptations of the ships included in VIKING RAIDERS. 4 of these ships use sails for navigation.
They are all compatible with the FORTIFIED HARBOR and other marine maps of VIKING RAIDERS and VIKINGS. 

> The Nef

> A ship and his 2 square sails




The Galley

> A ship, with lower deck markers.



Horse Carrier

> A ship with one square sail topped with a crow nest and one footbridge



The Cog

The Felucca

> 2 ships with sails


The Markers


The Wind

The Gangplank

The Lower Deck

The Overlays


> Nefs & Galleys

> Sails Overlay

The Maps

The Islet map is intended as a substitution to the Sea map of VIKINGS which is now sold out. The islet is located close to one of the map corners, so that scenarios can be designed where a ford can enable its access from an adjacent Coast map. The islet can be hidden with the Sea overlay to get a uniform sea map.  

The Islet

Sea Overlay

The Cove map is intended as a substitution to both the Watch Tower and Abbey maps of VIKINGS, which are now sold out. It displays a small fishermen village near a cove, and protected by the tower of a local landlord. Note that the windows of the houses were positioned so that a few missile throwers can seriously slow down any direct attack on the tower from the cove!   

The Beach map is intended as a substitution to the Coast 2 map which is now sold out. It displays a coastal valley, closed by a cape to the East. Attackers from the sea will have to beware of cross fire coming from each side as they proceed towards the mainland. 

The Cove

> A2 (60 x 40)


The Beach

> A2 (60 x 40)



These junction maps are compatible with the mini-maps of GUISCARD or VIKINGS.

The Wharf is a partial replacement for the wharf which was represented on the first version of the Welsh Castle. It will now be available on a separate map to bring more versatility. None of the windows of the warehouse by the wharf can see inland, to avoid its usage as a refuge if the map is adjacent to a castle.

The Bell Tower represents an isolated tower by the sea or a river. Its style is identical to the tower shown on The Cove map, to use the same overlay for its version under construction. It can be used as a substitute to the Watch Tower map of VIKINGS. 

The Wharf

> 13cm x 40cm

The Bell Tower

> 13cm x 40cm

The Rules


Here is the adaptation of the "Byzance" rules published in Claymore Nr 11 in 1997, completely revised and augmented, to take into account the new large ships and sailing rules. These rules have been proofed and translated into English by Bob Gingell.
PDF (zip) - 6.6 Mb
    > Version 1.1 (Nov 2, 2008)

The Scenarios


Sc1- Prey Sighted! : The French galley is getting closer to the English nef. Soon the pursuit will come to an end and it will be a blood bath. eScNG1 v2.0 (Dec 25, 2004)
   - PDF - 163 Kb
Sc1- Sluys 1 : The French fleet is blocking the access to Bruges and ships are tied to one another. Big mistake! The nefs of Edward III attack while the French have the sun in front of them. eScNG2 v2.0 (Dec 25, 2004)
   - PDF - 144 Kb
Sc3 - The Stone Thrower & The Nef: Defenders of Acre try to claw back the camp of the Sultan of Hama with the help of a stone thrower installed on the deck of a nef.  eScNG3 v1.0 (May 1, 2010)
   - PDF - 283 Kb
Sc4- Eustace The Monk's Last Stand: 1217 - The French flagship is mistaken by the fleet of small boats coming her way: They are not loaded with fishermen but with English men-at-arms, ready to fight! eScNG4 v1.0 (Aug 29, 2011)
   - PDF - 445 Kb
Sc5 - Damme: 1213 - King Philip's fleet is beached prior to cross the Channel. The English want to destroy it before it sails towards Dover. eScNG5 v1.0 (Aug 29, 2011)
   - PDF - 456 Kb
Sc6- Winchelsea: 1350 - King Edward's nef was ran into and is about to sink. The English must board the adjacent Castilian ship in the next minutes or drown! eScNG6 v1.0 (Aug 29, 2011)
   - Zip - 2.4 Mb