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The Extension


MONTJOIE was first published in Claymore Nr 5 in 1995, together with a complete campaign based on a Robin Hood-like theme (this campaign is not available yet on this site).

This second edition adds various rules including the ones for hoardings which add a new dimension to siege tactics.

The Map

Standard size map showing one slope of a hill. Perfect for Hastings or Crecy-type of scenarios. 2 each maps can be assembled to represent a complete hill, or when reversing them, a small gulch prone to be ambushed. Version 2 brings this map to the latest standards: Normalized hex grid, text font, color of the ground and redesigned trees and brushes.

> The Hill (v2)

> A2 (60 x 40 cm)
GIF: 950 Kb


The Overlay

Hoardings are installed ahead of battlement and tower hexes.

> Hoardings

> Example 1

> Example 2

The Markers

1 sheet of markers to simulate the various stands of characters, mines, stakes and much more.

Stakes (left))

> Stakes (right)

Up the tree

> On the roof

Inside building

> A5
   (21cm x 15 cm)

Hamstring Cutter

> Kneeling

> Loader

> Open Door

> Mine

The Characters

These characters are a modification of the Rebels counters from Dark Blades/Dragon Noir. They represent various types of light cavalry, an omitted class of characters by the original games. These counters have been created by Reanonyme, with edits by the writer for names and combat values to remain consistent with other similar units (like the turcopoles of CROISADES).

> Messengers

> 2 counters
> TIFF (0.8 Mb)
> GIF (75 Kb)


> Mounted Archers

> 3 counters
> TIFF (1.3 Mb)
> GIF (148 Kb)

> Mounted Crossbowmen

> 3 counters
> TIFF (1.2 Mb)
> GIF (99 Kb)


> Mounted Spearmen

> 6 counters
> TIFF (2.5 Mb)
> GIF (151 Kb)

> Standards

> 3 counters
> TIFF (1.3 Mb)
> GIF (106 Kb)

> Light Cavalry

> 5 counters
> TIFF (2.3 Mb)
> GIF (187 Kb)

> Knights

> 2 counters
> TIFF (1.0 Mb)
> GIF (90 Kb)


The Rules


Over 20 pages of additional rules loaded with pictures to simulate numerous combat tactics, like hamstring cutters, the use of stakes, or siege tactics, like mines or hoardings. Many thanks to Bob Gingell for the translation and enhancement suggestions.
Table of contents - PDF - 71 Kb
    > Montjoie v2.0 (A4 - 2.1 Mb)
The Scenarios Vassal Download
Sc1- No time to lose: 12 days left for Sir Lacy to take this hoarding-equipped castle.   Yes eScMJ1 - PDF - 413 Kb
Sc2 - Life at stake:  Sir Roland wants to escape at night, but he will have to cope with numerous stakes in the middle of his way. Yes eScMJ2 - PDF - 209 Kb
    Feb 09, 2005
Sc3 - 30 years later : Sir Peter remembers an episode of the battle of Kortrijk. Introduction scenario to the Montjoie rules.


eScMJ3 - PDF - 148 Kb
    Feb 09, 2005
The Battle of  Mons-en-Pévèle - 1304    
This mini-campaign highlights the key moments of the battle of Mons-en-Pévèle, fought between King Philippe Le Bel and the Flemish, 2 years after the disaster of the battle of Golden Spurs.
Sc4 - Wagon Box:  The Flemish are protected by a marsh, and they have added a line of carts for hit and run tactics.   eScMJ4 - PDF - 297 Kb - New!
Sc5- Burn These Mangonels!: The 5 mangonels of Philippe are breaking havoc among the Flemish ranks. They must be destroyed at all cost!   eScMJ5 - PDF - 292 Kb - New!
Sc6 - Get The Supplies!:  The Flemish camp is full of supplies. What a tempting pray for the French who have not eaten for many days.   eScMJ6 - PDF - 149 Kb - New!
Sc7- The Iron King: King Philippe has been abandoned by his knights while the Flemish run on him. Whatever the risks, he will fight!   eScMJ7 - PDF - 140 Kb - New!
The Plantagenêts    
This collection of scenarios is based on historical events dealing with King Henry II of England, his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine or his sons during their relentless war against the Kingdom of France.
Sc8 - Save the Queen !:  Poitevin barons try to capture Queen Eleanor, but her retinue is ready to be killed to protect her escape.   eScMJ8 - PDF - 153 Kb
Sc9 - Mirebeau (1): Arthur of Brittany wants to ransom his grand mother Eleanor and besieges her in the castle of Mirebeau where she seeked protection.   eScMJ9 - PDF - 130 Kb
Sc10 - Mirebeau (2):  John Lackland comes to the rescue of his mother and strikes on Arthur's troops while they are asleep.   eScMJ10 - PDF - 114 Kb
Robin Hood Campaign    
This campaign was created by the writer back in 1994 and published in Claymore Nr 5. Bob Gingell translated and adapted it into English. You must own the games Cry Havoc, Siege, Outremer/Croisades, Vikings, Dark Blades/Dragon Noir 1 and the extensions Templars' Castle and Medieval Town to play the entire campaign. Robin is represented by  Laberne. PDF
    > Foreword by Bob Gingell - 68 Kb
       Feb 19, 2005
Sc 1 - Greetings Sheriff ! The newly appointed Sheriff crosses the forest of Sherwood......   eCpMJ1 - PDF - 183 Kb
    Feb 19, 2005
Sc 2 - The Provost's Surprise: The Sheriff uses his tax collector as a trap to capture Laberne.    eCpMJ2 - PDF - 181 Kb
    Feb 19, 2005
Sc 3 - Finding Brother Erwan: Race to find a monk who is the only one to know where the messenger of King Richard will land.   eCpMJ3 - PDF - 134 Kb
    Feb 19, 2005
Sc 4 - King Richard's Messenger: The monk awaits the messenger on the beach. But is he really a monk?   eCpMJ4 - PDF - 230 Kb
    Feb 19, 2005
Sc 5 - Fight or Die: A plot of nobles has been discovered by Prince John. He sends his followers towards a beach where a secret meeting is being held.   eCpMJ5 - PDF - 168 Kb
    Feb 19, 2005
Sc 6 - The End Of The Outlaws: The Sheriff has found where is located the camp of Laberne. He is decided to capture him.   eCpMJ6 - PDF - 158 Kb
    Feb 19, 2005
Sc 7 - The Executioner Of Nottingham: Laberne has been captured. The execution is near. Will his friends try and succeed in freeing him? Yes eCpMJ7 - PDF - 159 Kb - v3.0
    March 5, 2005
Sc 8 - The Last Chance Convoy: Laberne sends a food convoy to nobles that have been besieged for a couple of months.   eCpMJ8 - PDF - 466 Kb
    Feb 19, 2005
Sc 9: The Final Assault: The Siege Tower built by Prince John moves slowly towards the walls of the castle.   eCpMJ9 - PDF - 160 Kb
    Feb 19, 2005