On Deadly Ground : FAQ

Playing On Line

Installing Deadly Ground

Which operating system is compatible with ODG ?

ODG has been developped for Windows XP only.

LThe game is very slow on my 2001 PC

Although the game only weights a few Mb, ODG is CPU intensive. Should you have an old PC, or with limited RAM, you may face slow down issues.
PS: I never faced any problem with my PC equipped with a 3 Ghz processor and 1 Gb of RAM.

I face display issue with v1.0 ?

v1.1 has been posted on July 13 and fixes this bug.

The Game

What are the differences with the original boardgame?

In this first version, a few rules of Samurai Blades have been simplified to make programming easier:
- Characters cannot move through other characters, friendly or enemy.
- Bridge hexes cost only 1 for all units
- All retreats in the game are now 1 hex.
- Horses cannot be dismounted or mounted.
- Characters can no longer advance after close combat.
- A single character can no longer attack multiple targets.
- Dead units no longer restrict movement. Press Ctrl to toggle show bodies.
For a complete list, please check the official ReadMe.

I cannot load a scenario saved on V1.0 with v1.1

Unfortunately, both versions are not compatible.


Is there any plan for a similar game using Cry Havoc characters?

It is the purpose of the next generation. Development should start in August 2005.

Will it be possible to play via Internet ?

Internet multiplayer gaming will be a key feature of the next version.