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December 30, 2009 I have updated the toolbox to create your own scenarios; with thumbnails for all the maps, easier to use counter tables and a new Excel spreadsheet with the combat and movement values for each character.
December 27, 2009 Third scenario for Nefs & Galleys, using on-board siege engines to attack a camp. It is based on a true story during the siege of Acre.
Note: It was actually created over one year ago in French but I hadn't been able to find time to translate it. The mistake is now corrected.  
December 25, 2009 Although the new counters are now available, the maps have been delayed by the printer and will only be available around Dec 30. I still expect to be able to ship the pending orders by New Year's Eve.
December 13, 2009 First scenario taking advantage of the map of the Fort of Mont-Briton, due to its impending release. 
December 12, 2009 Bookings in the Shoppe for the 4 maps that constitute the Fortified Saxon Harbor and the Fort of Mont-Briton are now open. Files went for print yesterday and should be ready on Dec 22. If you want your order to ship before Christmas, please place your order before Dec 18, or it may only ship after New Year's Eve.
  New suite of tactical scenarios named Edward's Raids. They will illustrate the showdown between long bows and Pavese crossbows in the first decades of the Hundred Years War. The first available scenario replays the battle of the ford of Blanche-Taque, the day before Crécy.
December 11, 2009 The historical background and tactical rules for Horse Raiders are finally translated into English. The translation might be rough from time to time. Feel free to propose enhancements if you want. 
December 6, 2009 Bookings in the Shoppe for 8 counter sheets (A5 format) is now open: 5 for the FORTIFIED SAXON HARBOR, 2 for HORSE RAIDERS and one set of markers for MONTJOIE and THE CARAVANSERAI. Files are going for print tomorrow and should be ready on Dec 15. We are facing a few issues with the final alignment of the 4 maps of the harbor. This is why orders will only be accepted in a few days (same for the Fort of Mont-Briton which is ready but is going to the same printer).
  One marker has been added to the Horse Raiders sheet. It represents a burnt fence.
November 1, 2009 The last counter sheet has been created: It includes all markers for Montjoie and the Caravanserai, as well as a few of the camels of the latter extension. I have not been able to include all of them as I am limited by the number of double size counters on the standard countersheet. Note that I have enhanced the artwork for a few markers. All new 8 countersheets (1 Markers + 5 Fortified Harbor + 2 Horse Raiders) should go to print soon and be available by Christmas. 
October 25, 2009 The assembly of the Fortified Harbor counters from Eurogames' original drawings is finally completed. I chose to build 5 small A5 sheets, each of them featuring one row of double-size counters and 7 rows of 3 standard size counters. We are in the process of selecting a company to print these pre-cut sheets and make them available in the Shoppe by the end of the year. 
  A new page dedicated to the aborted Dragon Noir 3 & 4 episodes, with sketches of the War Wolves that were intended.
  Addition of a "new" extension that was posted a few months ago in the French section. It is called ORLEANS 1429 and is focused around the map of the same name created by Philippe Gaillard. Foulque, a member of the French community has been creating 15th century counters (and bombards!) and more are to come!
  Massive update of the site, with the entire navigation being upgraded (no more broken links) and many pages updated to reflect the latest changes, including About Us, Work in Progress, FAQs, Links, Publication History, How Much, Other Counters, & Other Maps.
October 24, 2009 I modified the equipment and colors of the various counters for Horse Raiders to get 2 each A5 sheets (or 31 characters) which should be printed on pre-cut sheets by the end of the year. Note that I used Italian names for the Pavese Crossbowmen for them to be used as Genoese mercenaries against English longbows in upcoming Hundred Year War scenarios. I also added 3 new markers representing a bascule gate (or Tornefol) in 2 stances as well as a burnt bridge. Both markers will be used with the new "Fort of Mont-Briton" map that should be available in the Shoppe by the end of the year as well. 
August 18, 2009 One more time, popular demand has led to a sold-out situation for several articles that used to be available in the Shoppe. The following ones are no longer available indefinitely: The Watchtower map, the Outremer/Croisades counters and the Croisades strategic map. The Wight's Bridge half map is missing as well but I may get a back order from Duccio in September. I will add the various elements of Samurai Blades at that time. 
August 1, 2009 The Shoppe has been fully updated following a quick visit to Duccio's lare last week to grab over 50 pounds of fresh material!
Among the new stuff:
- The SIEGE countersheet;
- The countersheets for Dragon Noir 1 & 2
- 7 out of the 8 underground maps of both Dragon Noir 1 & 2.
The following articles are unfortunately definitely sold out:
- VIKINGS: Abbey and Sea maps, Ships and Countersheet ;
- CRY HAVOC: Crossroads & Village maps;
- OUTREMER: Crusaders Countersheet ;
- MEDIEVAL TOWN: For this one, I unfortunately have decent quantities for 3 out of the 4 maps. The one with the Pilgrims Gate is missing. Please contact me should you be interested in getting the 3 remaining maps.  
June 18, 2009 The unsold inventory from Duccio is now available in the Shoppe. Be careful: There has been such a popular enthusiasm that many items are already unavailable. For the Watchtower and Abbey maps, it is completely sold out and I won't get more. For the rest (Vikings and Croisades counters, Templars' Castle, Village, Crossroads maps), I should be able to get a refill from Duccio in the next 2 weeks. In any case, should you want something that is in backorder, please wait until you get my confirmation to send your payment! 
June 12, 2009 The French community met with Duccio Vitale on June 6. You can check the pictures here (the texts are in French, but you don't really need them. Just enjoy the pictures showing this feast of maps and counter sheets). I have updated the How Much and Publication History pages following the information I got from Duccio. Note that most of the unsold material will be made available in the Shoppe, probably next week, at a very low price of 2 Euros each.    
February 18, 2009 Both maps of the Fortified Village are now downloadable in GIF format for on-line gaming (like Vassal). Note that the resolution is too low for printing.
January 25, 2009 Interview with Alan E. Paull, the game designer of SIEGE, who has been kind enough to share his memories (and frustration) about this game.   
  Duccio Vitale sent me the original drawings and films of his FORTIFIED HARBOR. I'm in the process of finalizing the maps in overcoming the film displacement issues and adding a hex grid. I replaced the initial pictures provided on the game page with the current status of the maps, which is a much better rendering. 
  I felt we lacked 15th Century counters to play the Orleans map, so I asked Foulque to come up with something. You can check the initial sketches of men-at-arms, engineers and even a bombard!
December 12, 2008 At last an English premiere that will take longer to get posted in the French section! I have been able to interview Chris Baylis, the game designer of DARK BLADES. His insights about the Cry  Havoc series and his contribution to the franchise are really worth reading. Enjoy!
December 8, 2008 What is great when you rely on external websites for contents is that sometimes things change without notice. Following a conversation on BoardGameGeeks with a Dutch gamer, Alex Henderson changed the name of the URLs leading to the Siege and Outremer booklets on his site, turning the existing ones into broken links. It's now fixed.   
December 7, 2008 New Samurai and Troll counters by Foulque. If you like them, you may get more of them. Just let us know!
  Updated information about the fate of Claymore, the fan magazine of the 90's.
November 30, 2008 We have been fortunate enough to connect with Duccio Vitale again. As a result, we know at last what the original FORTIFIED HARBOR of 1994 looks like and why it was never released. I'm expecting soon the drawings of the new characters that were intended for this extension. 
  Various updates following our conversation with Duccio, including a wonderful drawing of a 6-map "Krak des Chevaliers" that was never released.
November 2, 2008 Bob Gingell has completed the translation of the NEFS & GALEYS rules. He has enhanced them as well after pinpointing a few misses and inconsistencies. There may still be a few modifications in the near future.
  Corrected the link to the SIEGE Scenarios that was wrong.
October 9, 2008 The maps of the FORTIFIED HARBOR are finally printed and ready to ship even though we faced numerous technical issues to get them: Broken CD, difficult FTP download, problem with the adjustment of the various files to be printing-ready, etc.
September 19, 2008 2 scenarios for the FORTIFIED HARBOR.
  Bob Gingell is helping me with the translation of the complete rules for NEFS & GALLEYS. They should be released in the coming days.
  The FORTIFIED HARBOR can be ordered in the Shoppe. Printing is on its way and the first deliveries should take place end of September.
September 1, 2008 Rules for the FORTIFIED HARBOR have been finalized. I have also finalized the rules for NEFS & GALLEYS, but this is a hefty 16-page booklet with a lot of technical terms related to sailing that will take me quite a while to translate. Help wanted! You can still browse through the French version to get a feel for it in the meantime. Sailing rules have been designed by Yves Fagherazzi, the designer of the naval rules of VIKINGS!
August 31, 2008 "Foulque" has created 14 fabulous Norman counters that have been added to the BASILEUS extension.
August 30, 2008 The 4 maps that make the FORTIFIED HARBOR are finally completed! Many enhancements have been made over the first version that was not at a resolution high enough to allow quality printing. Assembly between the various maps has been much improved, wharfs have been added to board small ships and staircases are now more realistic. Printing is on its way and we should be able to ship them at the end of September. You have been waiting for them almost as long as the mythical original version...
March 17, 2008 I have created a new Spanish version of Cry Havoc Fan, with the help of Antonio Navarro for the translations. Spanish fans will soon be able to download translation of all extensions and scenarios available on the Fan!
  Addition of a link to the Spangenhelm website. Besides great historic illustrations, members (free registration) are able to download free Cry Havoc counters.
January 19, 2008 Antonio Navarro has translated various tables and reference sheets in Spanish to play the game.
  Missing or wrong links on the Extension Overview page have been fixed.
December 27, 2007 I have undertaken the massive task of updating all the navigation on the site, which was left untouched and incomplete for way too long. All pages should now have fully operational navigation bars, menus and buttons.
  A presentation of the basic concepts of the game has been added, as well as a quick description of what is available in the French section, but not yet translated into English.
December 26, 2007 I have asked Florent Vincent, my illustrator, to start working on new 14th century counters. Being very busy, these new counters won't probably be available until the second half of 2008. In the meantime, I am pleased to provide all 12 initial counters for download, be it as High Res for print, or Low Res for on-line gaming.
  Various updates for the Extension Overview, About, Work in Progress, Shoppe feedback pages.
August 19, 2007 Thanks to a request for help to the Cry Havoc community, I have added the Spanish version of the 3 booklets of SIEGE. Should you have PDF copies of booklets of any game of the series in whatever language (Spanish, German, Italian, etc.), feel free to send them to me and I will post them on the site to benefit everybody.
February 1, 2007 6 new maps are now for sale in the Shoppe, for an availability date slated for the end of February. Maps include the Fortified Village (2 maps), Orleans (2 maps), the Hill and the Desert.
January 15, 2007 Both maps of the Fortified Village are now completed, and images of their final rendering is available. I will let you know when they will be available for purchase, once the 4 other maps will go to print.
January 2, 2007 As a nice 2007 kick-off, I am pleased to present the latest progress of the Fortified Village map, with the redrawing of all lines using an ultra-thin marker (with the exception of the hexes, but as I write, one of the maps is already finished). Following a very long interruption (no less than 15 months!), my motivation got a boost and I took the opportunity of the Holidays break to resume working on them. I expect to complete the maps (still 25 to 30 hours of work with scanning, reassembling, editing and finishing) by the end of the month. They should then be available for sale within 3 to 4 months, bundled with other maps that you know already (the Desert, the Hill, Orleans). Philippe Gaillard and I will work hard to release the counters at the same time.