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Dec 13, 2013 We added an Excel tool to create your own balanced GUISCARD scenarios. You will also find the characteristics of all the characters. 
  Spirit Games in the UK just received its inventory of GUISCARD sets, as well as a few maps. 
  Good news: Our order backlog is now cleared and we can ship any new order within 24 to 48 hours again! 
Dec 5, 2013 GUISCARD is finally available ! But if you have not ordered it yet, you will need to be patient as we have a huge shipment backlog to clear. Our current delivery time is 12 days, but we expect to be able to reduce it by the middle of next week.
  To allow for a wider distribution of GUISCARD, we have added 2 new reseller partners in addition to Noble Knight for the USA. Spirit Games for the UK and Hexasim for Continental Europe. They will receive their inventory around December 10.
November 9, 2013 GUISCARD will go to print next week and will be available early December. Its price in the Shoppe will be 64 € (approx. £54 or $87). We will accept orders as soon as we will know the weight of the box, which will determine the shipping charges. 
Oct 5, 2013 Guiscard is progressing... the box artwork was completed by  Massimo Predonzani. The 14-scenario booklet is completed and its English translation is being proofed as I type. Beta-tests will start with the help of a Vassal module designed specifically for this task. Should you be interested, please let me know quickly as we need to finalize everything by October 20. The Play Sheets are still being modified based on valuable feedback from community members. I also added a third overlay to cover the castle and convert the Eagle Nest map into a simple terrain map named The Overlook.
Finally, the presentation page of GUISCARD is now also available in Spanish.
August 19, 2013 The German and Italian versions of the GUISCARD presentation page is on linem as well as the 3 playsheets. A big thank you to  Lutz Pietschker and Giorgio Colonna for their help! I would love to have a Spanish version as well, but I couldn't find any volunteer so far. Please contact me should you be interested.
July 11, 2013 Addition of the Siege Record Sheet for GUISCARD. The rules are an adaptation of the original SIEGE rules, with some contents coming from CROISADES and the addition of an Events Table (not shown on the Record Sheet).
July 9, 2013 Preliminary versions of 2 of the 3 play sheets for GUISCARD are available. You can discover the major changes to the rules compared with the original game: Fire is now resolved through 2 die rolls (one to determine the impact hex and the other one to assess casualties). Combats are resolved by the difference between the attack and defense potentials of both parties. This will enable one-to-one combat, something that was not possible before.   
July 1, 2013 The strategic markers for CROISADES are finally available for download!
June 9, 2013 First overlay for GUISCARD: A Lombard Farm, with its barn overlooking the bailey. It will be used for looting scenarios, which was Robert Guiscard's primary activity during his first year in Southern Italy.
  Important milestone: All 948 counters for GUISCARD are completed! I can now focus on the various booklets and playsheets to get a full game.
June 2, 2013 Here are the first 4 scenarios for a new campaign called "Rolfr's Saga". Other scenarios will be published in the future. These scenarios use the 4 new maps that just got released in the Shoppe last month, as well as the Vikings and Saxons counters from the Fortified Harbor (available in the Shoppe as well).
  I completed 29 new counter stances for GUISCARD, mostly Norman and Byzantine wounded characters. As a result, the front of the first counter sheet is now finished. Only 40 stances left and everything will be done! 
  Thanks to Anders, the various rules and manuals of Samurai Blades are finally available. This was the only missing set.
May 16, 2013 4 new maps and a new version of an old map are now available in the Shoppe:
> The River and the Hamlet, from the HORSE RAIDERS extension;
> The Cove and the Beach, from the NEFS & GALLEYS;
> The second version of the CARAVANSERAIL, which was updated with a new design and a new regular hex grid.
We should get these maps from the print shop this afternoon, and unless we find a last-minute quality issue, first shipments should start by the end of the day or tomorrow morning.
May 13, 2013 Counters for Guiscard are moving forward: I just completed the second countersheet which includes the Arabs, Lombards and Germans. I "only" have 88 stances on the first countersheet to design (out of the original 928, or less than 10%). I should be able to meet my forecast of end of June to complete all the counters.
April 21, 2013 Over 100 new characters for GUISCARD :
> Arabs: 39 stun characters, 4 dead North African cavalry, 13 dead horses, 8 horses ;
> Lombards: 9 dead mounted characters, 9 dead horses, 6 dead archers ;
> Byzantines: 8 dead horses ;
> Germans : 6 dead knights, 3 dead horses.
From a countdown standpoint, there are still 202 characters to design out of a total of 928, or a completion rate of 78% as of today.
Apr 12, 2013 New map The Hamlet, by Philippe Gaillard. It can be used as a substitute to the Village map of Cry Havoc.
  The original Caravanserai map is now out of print. I enhanced the design for its second version (New terrain, slope designs, new texts and font, new regular hex grid).
  Four new maps will go to print in May 2013: The Hamlet, The River, The Cove, The Beach and the new version of the Caravanserai.
March 26, 2013 Yet another map for the NEFS & GALLEYS extension. It is named The Beach and represents a small coastal valley, closed by a cape on one side. This map should be available in the Shoppe with The River, The Cove and the Hamlet maps in the spring.
  The following pages were updated: FAQ, How Much, Customer Feedback, Work In Progress
Mar 3, 2013 No less than 63 new character stances this week for GUISCARD:
> Germans: Ministerialis and Swabian knights stun; Swabian knights killed; Ministerialis horses.
> Lombards: All characters stun; Light and medium infantry killed; Women stun.  
February 5, 2013 A new map was created as part of the NEFS & GALLEYS extension. It is named The Cove and represents a small village of fishermen by the sea and which is overlooked by the lone tower of a local landlord. This map should be available in the Shoppe with The River map and a couple of others in the spring.
  My rhythm slowed down a bit for the counters of GUISCARD due to intense (real) work activity. I still managed to design the horses of all the Byzantine cavalry, the dead horses of the Norman counts and the burnt face of the stone thrower.
  The technical issues on the SHOPPE are finally solved. If you wanted to place an order, now is the time to do so. But note that the Caravanserai map is out of print. A new version will be available in the near future.
January 13, 2013 No less than 39 new character stances this week for GUISCARD:
> Normans : Counts, archers and middle infantry stun;
> Slavs : Croatian mercenaries stun;
> Byzantines : Koursores, horse archers wearing the klava, psiloi and the 3 civilians stun;
> Animals: Dead sheeps. 
January 6, 2013 It is time for me to wish you a very prosperous year. 2013 should be the year of the release of GUISCARD, a project that started already one year ago. I'm afraid Easter is no longer a possibility, due to my slow pace in designing counters. Let's say the summer then, and it's not even on the safe side. 
This doesn't prevent me from having ideas for the future, with 2 extensions for GUISCARD. 
> The first one will be named MARE NORMANNORUM (The Sea of the Normans in Latin), as this is the name it had in the early 12th Century when Roger II of Sicily controlled all traffic between the East and the West. I will include several scenarios and rules combining the materials of GUISCARD with the FORTIFIED HARBOR, the Saxons and Vikings counters and the ships of NEFS & GALEYS. This will allow to really leverage all the tactical possibilities of the fortified harbor, which is almost impossible with the initial theme of a Saxon harbor if we want to stick to a minimum of historical accuracy. 
> The second extension is specially intended to our English and American friends who might not understand how we can play with Normans without addressing the conquest of England in 1066 ! Its name will be DIEX AIE (God Helps Me in Latin), the battle cry of the Duke of Normandy. 
  My GUISCARD updates of the week include a series of Stun and Dead Byzantine characters among the Kataphraktoi, the Horse Archers, the Hoplites, Skutatoi and Peltastoi.
  The CARAVANSERAI map is now sold out! We might run a new print in 2013 with a few graphical enhancements. Note that Noble Knight in the USA still have a few of them available.
December 12, 2012 New and modified counters & maps for GUISCARD :
> The Foot stances for the Norman counts;
> The stance of Count Roger's arm was modified for enhanced realism;
> The Foot Healthy stances of all Arab cavalrymen;
> New variations for Arab foot soldiers to get 4 to 5 characters per type;
> The new map The Lagoon is completed, as well as 2 junction maps names The Jetty and The Staircase. 
December 2, 2012 After a week end of work, here are the new counters for GUISCARD:
> A primitive stone thrower (called Tribuque in the old texts) ;
> 5 Skutatoi, medium Byzantine infantry;
> 2 dogs of different breeds;
> 2 wild boars;
> The Foot stances of all 6 Byzantine mounted archers (note that I renamed the 3 archers with helmet to give them Turkish names, which is probably more realistic);
> The Foot stances of the Heavy North African cavalry, with the addition of a 4th character;
> The Foot stances of the Faris Arab cavalry;
> Several ladder and Gate counters, which come from  HORSE RAIDERS and the MEDIEVAL SAXON HARBOR;
> Formation markers for the Byzantine hoplites.
November 18, 2012 New and modified counters for GUISCARD :
> German knights, be it mounted Ministerialis or Swabian foot knights who fought for the stake of the Holy Roman Empire against the Normans ;
> Slavs mercenaries from Croatia or Serbia ;
> All 3 Nubian infantrymen are now complete, including their Wounded stance ;
> The Wounded stances of an Italian archer and an Arab medium infantryman ;
> I modified the names of the Lombard nobles, knights and women to give them ... Lombard rather than Italian names.
> As a consequence, Duccio is no longer a noble but a shepherd, which is probably a role he will prefer!
October 28, 2012 An avalanche of new characters for GUISCARD:
> 15 Lombard infantrymen using 4 types (with both normal and wounded stances). One type of medium infantry is brand new (and I'm very pleased with the result!). I modified the shield of an existing type as it was not of a shape in use during the 11th century;
> 2 new Norman knights that will represent the counts Robert & Roger (I renamed both knights that were already using these names);
> 2 horse-mounted emirs;
> The first nubian infantryman;
> 3 Byzantine Koursores on foot ;
> 3 Lombard women: A nun, a peasant and a lady.
  I also started the assembly of both final counter sheets. They will use the standard Cry Havoc dimensions (about 30cm x 40cm). GUISCARD will then use about the same count of counters as OUTREMER. 
October 13, 2012 The first 3 Byzantine civilians for GUISCARD: A noble, a lady (that can be used as the Emperor and the Imperess) and a priest. I designed a series of Berber light cavalry after 2 conversions of original illustrations. The wounded stances of the Faris were added as well.
October 3, 2012 Two new series of Byzantine infantry for GUISCARD: The Peltastoi (Medium infantry) and the Psiloi (archers). 
September 29, 2012 Yet a new map, suggested by one of the members of the English community: The River, which can be used as a substitute to the Ford map. This map will be available in the Shoppe by the end of the year, along with a few other ones.
  The strategic map of CROISADES is finally available as a high resolution download. This is the French version, and am not sure that this map existed in other languages despite the extensive use of texts on it. If anybody has an English (or German, Italian, Spanish) version, please let me know.
September 9, 2012 Several updates for GUISCARD, including the foot versions for the Lombard cavalry and the Byzantine Cataphracts, the Norman archers and the draft of the future map The Lagoon . 
August 30, 2012 A few bug fixes thanks to a new fan out of Oregon: The link to the tactical rules of Croisades (in English) is restored. I added the TIFF version of the Byzantines counters of Basileus that were never uploaded before.
I also realized that the English version of the Magna Carta was not known as many pages do not mention it in their navigation within the Resource section. I took this opportunity to upgrade the navigation of this section to make it more consistent.
August 15, 2012 The Norman knight countersheet is completed, and I added the dismounted versions of the 3 Lombard nobles. 
  I used Google Maps to provide a visualization of the hundreds of Cry Havoc Fans across the globe. You can now easily locate potential game partners near you.
August 11, 2012 The front of the Norman knight countersheet for GUISCARD is completed. I redrawn the first knights that I didn't like, especially the stances on foot. The back sheet should be ready tomorrow.  
July 25, 2012 The first 3 maps that will be included in the future game GUISCARD are now completed and presented on this site. I also included a couple of examples for assemblies.
  The 4 maps and 4 overlays announced below are now shipping. You can place your order in the Shoppe.
July 4, 2012 As promised at the beginning of the year (I know, it sounds unbelievable...), 4 new maps and 4 A4 overlays can now be ordered in the Shoppe. The maps are: The Woods, The Sheephold, The Islet & the second edition of Nefs & Galleys. The Overlays are: Trees & Stockpiles, Houses & terrains, The Sea and The Sails. Should the printing process goes according to plan, we should start deliveries by mid-July.
One note about the price of the A4 overlays: They are printed on the same "Cry Havoc-grade) thick paper as the maps and their size is about one fourth of the size of a regular map. At 4 Euros, their price is unfortunately not one fourth of the price of the standard maps! Their printing process is actually much more expensive by square inch and this is really the minimum we can charge based on our limited volumes. Despite a stiff increase in the price of our signature paper since the opening of the Shoppe in 2005, we have still been able to maintain the price of 7 Euros for the regular maps, which is a performance by itself.  
July 3, 2012 I added the first drafts of 3 maps that will be included in the future game GUISCARD. The first one, named The Eagle Nest, boasts a Byzantine tower protected by a wooden palisade and located on a rock overlooking the nearby coast. The other maps are a duet of junction maps similar to the Cape maps of the Vikings game. They are named The Reef 1 & 2. I'm still trying to find a way to depict olive trees to provide a Southern Italian/Sicilian flavor of these maps!
June 25, 2012 Counter design for GUISCARD is moving on: I added new Norman foot soldiers and have added their opposite sides. Many updates for the Byzantines, with the wounded versions of the Hoplites, Kataphraktoi and Koursores. I also added a new sheet with the horse archers (only in a good shape at this time).
June 19, 2012 Here is the first presentation page of the future complete game GUISCARD, recounting the conquest of Southern Italy and Sicily by the Normans of Robert Guiscard in the eleventh century. I introduce the first counter sheets that I have assembled these last few days. As you can see, there is still a lot of work to get a complete game! I also opened a dedicated section on the Yahoo Forum so you can also participate in the development of the game thanks to your advice and opinions.
May 8, 2012 You may have the impression that I've not been very active recently should you only check this site. It's actually quite the opposite, with frantic activity since the beginning of the year to design counters for my future game Guiscard (see the various threads related to characters of the eleventh century on the forum). To make you wait, here is an update of the  NEFS & GALLEYS extension that was made necessary as the first run is almost out of print. I took the opportunity to redesign the sails that were pixelized and add sails to vary the style and get a more realistic felucca. At the same time, I made a new map entitled The Islet, which is a small island off the coast. It is possible through an overlay to cover the island to play on a plain sea map, hence replacing the original map of VIKINGS which is now out of order. These maps will be offered for sale shortly.
February 25, 2012 I finally posted the original rules & historic booklets of Siege! I also scanned the original introduction papers that were displayed at the rear of the boxes of Cry Havoc and Siege to convine you to buy them.
  Thanks to an Italian reader, I received the 3 booklets of Cry Havoc in Italian. I created a dedicated page in Italian for this. If anybody has the booklets of the other games in Italian (or in German), please contact me to make them available to anybody.
January 30, 2012 More than 3 months without any new stuff! Yet the Fan is not hibernating: Here is a preview of the new "The Pass" map for the Horse Raiders extension. It displays a small pass between 2 hills with an isolated sheepfold.
And there is more to come. I prepare a series of new maps that should go to print by June. My focus is now on terrain maps, with the possibility to revive sold-out official maps without infringing any copyright laws. Here is what I have in mind:
> A map named "The Marches", representing these unused lands between 2 provinces. It will be a combination of marshes, woodland and fords with trails. 
> Another map named "The Reef" (or another name that would be more appropriate for the waters of the English Channel). In a nutshell, a "Sea" map with a few emerging rocks to avoid having a map that would be too similar to the original "Sea" map. A few overlays will let you hide the rocks to play on a plain sea map.
> A map "Sherwood", which will be very close to the defunct "Forest" map but yet different: There will be less trees, but you will be able to add overlays to get closer to the original number of trees.
> A set of overlays with various elements like hills, trees, buildings, etc. 
> A new "Nefs & Galleys" map with hand-drawn sails to avoid the current display of pixels. The first print run is almost sold out and I want to make this change before the next print job.
Oct 20, 2011 October is Scenario month on Cry Havoc Fan! Here are two new scenarios for Basileus as well as the translation of the rules to use the specific counters created for this extension. With 5 scenarios, counters, maps and rules, this extension can now be considered (almost) complete... finally!
Oct 16, 2011 Scenario galore! Here are 13 scenarios in various sections of the Fan: A brand new one for the Basileus extension (2 more should be translated from French shortly) and 12 others that were published in various French magazines in the 80's and 90's. They were translated by Bob Gingell a while ago but I reformatted them with my standard layout for them to be better looking and easier to find: I included the 4 scenarios of Claymore 1, 4 others from Claymore 2 and the 2 scenarios plus the special counters and rules for the Reconquista extension published in Claymore 9. Finally, 2 scenarios from Casus Belli magazine.
Oct 12, 2011 Three new scenarios for the Montjoie extension featuring Eleanor of Aquitaine and based on historical events. William the Marshal is a special guest star in the first scenario while the other two are linked and depict one of the rare military action of John Lackland: The battle of Mirebeau.
Sept 15, 2011 Here is finally the new Cry Havoc module v3.1 for Vassal: It includes all the maps and counters of the various games of the franchise including the latest Saxon Harbor and most extensions published on this site (including the 15th-century characters of Orleans, the wild animals of Hallali and the Fort of Mont-Briton in Horse Raiders). All tables have been revised and enhanced as well and are fully compatible with the new Magna Carta rules. Sounds have been added to many actions: Check them out, as they really add to the game play!
Sep 11, 2011 A few new 15th century counters for Orleans 1429, as well as rules to use the bombard, the arquebus or handguns.
Note that a complete Vassal module for Cry Havoc will be released in the coming days and will let you play with these counters.
August 29, 2011 Three new naval historical scenarios for NEFS & GALLEYS that will rejoice the community across the Channel: These are 3 English victories over the French during King John's reign (Damme 1213 and Sandwich 1217) and King Edward's (Winchelsea 1350). I like the latter two a lot: Sandwich 1217 will require the best use of the sailing rules as taking advantage of the windward position is critical. Winchelsea 1350 is original as the King's nef is sinking and a 2-page game sheet is provided to show the water limit for each of the 15 turns of the scenario. Have fun, and remember that the French can win these scenarios as well ;-)
July 11, 2011 The Magna Carta is the compilation of (almost) all the rules published for the Cry Havoc series so far in a 115-page document with attractive, full color diagrams and explanation graphics. This is still a beta version for your viewing pleasure and to get your feedback. My intent is to go to print by the end of the year.
June 2, 2011 The Templar Castle is now sold out and has been removed from the Shoppe.
June 1, 2011 Another scenario by Roger Deal set in the Second Crusade.
April 4, 2011 A new scenario created by Roger Deal about an episode during the Second Crusade.
February 16, 2011 The original playsheets for Cry Havoc and Siege have finally been added.
  We only have 2 of the 4 maps of the Fortified Town left, therefore we decided to take it off the Shoppe. Our inventory of the Medieval Ships and Walls under construction "maps" is getting very low. You'd better order them now if you want them as they will be sold out fairly soon.
January 10, 2010 All Horse Raiders counters are available as individual GIF files for an upcoming Vassal extension.
January 7, 2011 I just realized that their was no full screen view of the maps of the original games. The mistake is now corrected.
December 16, 2010 Here is my Christmas gift: An interview with Gary Chalk, the original designer of Cry Havoc! Gary shared with me how he came up with the various game concepts and elaborates a bit on his future projects, that are tightly related to our favorite game.
December 13, 2010 The following sold-out articles have been removed from the Shoppe: The Coast 1 and the Dark Blades countersheet. I should still get from Duccio Vitale a new inventory of the maps The Ford, The Open Field, The Coast 1 & 2 sometime in Q1/2011.
  Stay tuned for a BIG surprise, hopefully by the end of the week (or it will have to wait until early next year, as I will be taking 2 well-deserved weeks of vacation with no access to this site editing tool).
October 6, 2010 Updated scenario toolbox. Version 3 adds the counters of Samurai Blades and Dragon Noir 1, an Excel worksheet to automatically calculate your point purchases and thumbnails of the Saxon Harbor map and its variants. This toolbox can also be used as a source file to get details about each character in the series.
October 4, 2010 A new scenario freely adapted from the movie "The War Lord" with Charlton Heston. It is an opportunity to use both the Saxon Harbor and the Medieval Town in one of the assemblies that were initially anticipated by the game designers. 
October 3, 2010 Slight modifications to the Medieval Town and Crusader Harbor pages with links to full screen pictures of the various terrain combinations.
July 23, 2010 More than 2 months without any updates! I'm actually in the midst of multiple professional changes and relocations that have been keeping me away from my favorite game. But I should be able to resume normal operation in August. In the meantime, I have updated the "About" page with links towards the magazines that have commented on CH Fan recently.
May 19, 2010 Slight modifications to the 3d scenario of the Siege of Lisbon campaign.
May 1, 2010 Following a remark by one of the members of the French community, I edited the shooting table of the stone thrower in the 3d scenario for Nefs & Galleys as 2D10 will never result into 1!
April 21, 2010 Here is an update that was long overdue: The rule booklets and siege record sheets of the Templars' Castle and the Fortified Medieval Town didn't exist in English. Bob Gingell made a translation but he didn't have the tools (or the patience) to format them in the same way as the French versions. Using Bob's texts, I relayed out these new documents that now look (almost) as if they had been produced by Eurogames.
  I carried on and produced the siege record sheets for both the Fortified Village and the Fort of Mont-Briton.
April 20, 2010 Another scenario in the Edward's Raids tactical campaign. I got the inspiration from an excellent book about the Hundred Years War (in French unfortunately) that focuses on the economic whereabouts of the showdown. The setting is in the early days of the war when Edward orders to seize the belongings of French monasteries in England. This is the opportunity to provide the first scenario using one of the maps of the Orléans 1429 extension.
April 19, 2010 An interview with Tony Webster who wrote the original rules of Cry Havoc almost 30 years ago. He comments on the genesis of the game, the essential contribution of Gary Chalk and gets his point of view on 2 rules that have been generating a lot of debates from Day 1.
April 8, 2010 New 15th Century counters for Orléans! A mounter archer and a couple of arquebusiers. Feel free to share with me any idea you may have for the use of these primitive fire arms.
April 2, 2010 The 3d scenario of the Siege of Lisbon campaign, using the belfry. I have also slightly tweaked the 2nd scenario.
March 27, 2010 The original Siege scenario booklet has been uploaded
  The pages of the website detailing the background of the fort of Mont-Briton and the pictures of its scale model have been translated into English.
March 14, 2010 At last the first scenario using the new Viking/Saxon counters and the Fortified Harbor map. After difficult researches on the web, I found a very short account of the sack of Southampton in 980 by a Danish fleet. It gave me the opportunity to create a pillage table that can be used in other similar scenarios.
March 13, 2010 Here are the first 3 scenarios using the new Saxon Harbor map (yet none of them use the new counters: I'm still struggling to find historic scenarios with Saxons and Vikings in a harbor...). The first 2 scenarios are part of a tactical campaign that will represent the various phases of the siege of Lisbon in 1147. I strongly recommend the second scenario whose setting is very original, yet fully authentic! The 3d scenario is part of the Basileus extension and depicts the conquest of Cyprus by Richard the Lionheart. I recently created 4 additional Basileus scenarios that I will translate shortly.  
March 3, 2010 The maps of the Fortified Harbor and the Fort of Mont-Briton have finally been delivered. Shipments have started today, so if you were waiting for this announcement to place your order, now is the time.
January 29, 2010 Revision 2.3 of the Horse Raiders rules. They now include rules for the batters at the base of the fort towers as well as their wattle and daub walls.
January 28, 2010 The image of the Fortified Harbor that was posted on this site so far didn't include the final texts, and the hex grid was not perfectly adjusted. Here is the final version, similar to what will be printed... soon.
January 24, 2010 Some news about the much anticipated new maps of the Fortified Harbor (Eurogames) and the fort of Mont-Briton: The first print run we received about 10 days ago had a technical issue: Instead of one single vertical bending mark, the print shop added another horizontal one! We decided that this was not acceptable from a quality standpoint and have asked the shop to launch a new run. Second issue: the paper is now in backorder and won't be available until another 2 weeks. That's why we don't expect to be able to resume shipments until mid-February. Sorry for these delays.
  Slight homepage updates to highlight what people are the most interested in: The Forum and On Line Games boxes have been replaced with the Saxon Harbor and Horse Raiders.
January 3, 2010 All 4 Dolphin & Cross scenarios are now translated and adapted to take advantage of the latest counters available.
  The additional counter sheet for Vikings is now sold out.
January 2, 2010 Translation of one of the 4 remaining scenarios created for Horse Raiders and part of the Dolphin & Cross series. The 3 other ones should be translated in the next few days.
January 1st, 2010 I wish you a very happy New Year! 2010 will be another great year, with the imminent availability of the Saxon Harbor (it is now printed and on its way to our garage. Shipments should start mid-next week). There will probably be new counter sheets as well, now that we have an economically viable process in place.  Foulque is completing its collection of 15th Century characters and we have a lot of 11th Century Normans as well. Byzantines and Rus could also be part of the release. Another project for this year is the English version of the Magna Carta, the compilation and consolidation of all Cry Havoc rules available so far: Only 120+ pages to translate... Anyway, lots of projects as you can see; so don't forget to check this site frequently during the year.
  Eurogames unsold inventory is drying out quickly. The following articles are now sold out: Dark Blades and Dragon Noir 2 Rebel counters sheets, as well as the underground maps of the Marsh and the Maze.