Your Feedback About My Extensions

The Fan


Below is an abstract of some of your comments. Many "Great" or "Excellent" have not been written down to remain humble. Luckily, there are a few (gentle) criticisms.
Panel Size: 75 Published: November 06, 2004
Increases game quality. (Trans.) Souley France
Just cool ! (Trans.) Hugues/Tyrion France
You're a Pro. (Trans.) pbd3 6200 France
Superb ... But I prefer the less exotic : I prefer the Welsh castle to the Caravanserai. Anonymous France
Outstanding quality and bringing more depth to the game. Congratulations! Just one comment about the scenario layout format: Very nice and readable, but is it suitable to the gamers' usage? I mean, both color maps and counters of these pages drain important printing resources, while a scenario lifetime is pretty limited.  Laurent Schmitt France
Quite impressive. I think they are well worth the effort. Thank you very much. Anonyme Allemagne
Top rate! Fantastic! I am personally very thankful for your addition to the game and your help in keeping it alive! Anonymous USA
Very impressive. Quality is equal or surpasses original game. Jack USA
Much appreciated. Fine work. Thanks for all your efforts. Anonymous USA
It is so good after all these years to discover new maps. (Trans.) Greg France
These are top rate expansions. (Trans.) tracto/Jean Paul France
A nice boost, and why not a new beginning... (Trans.) Victor France
I have very much enjoyed the extensions. Especially the siege tower and welsh castle. Anonymous USA
I love the Fortified Harbor... I also enjoyed the fortified bridge included in one of the last Claymore. (Trans.) Anonymous France
More and more!    
Thanks Hervé! A must would be to get byzantine soldiers and mongols as they were at that time (Croisades), just like Carolingians soldiers (Vikings). (Trans.) Joarloc France
Great! I'm working on a Motte & Bailey that I'll send you when done. Your art work is very good. Would be interested in hearing about your procedures (size of original art work, scan dpi, coloration procedures, etc.) Walram USA
Halt or...    
Maybe we should stop here. I feel that the simplicity of the system, which was its strength, is about to vanish. (Trans.) ex_fermier France
Carry On!    
Again, again and again, please!  (Trans.) Michelbkf France
Good map quality, expecting additional extensions. (Trans.) Beorthulf Australia
Too Complex    
Nice overall, but sometimes people want to turn Cry Havoc into something complex whil ethe strength of the franchise is its simplicity.  (Trans.) Tom France
They enrich the system and prove that many facets are still unexplored. (Trans.) PhilH France
They bring fresh air... A new birth and rejuvenate the game as well. (Trans.) Anonymous France
More depth for the game and its renewal. (Trans.) Anonymous France