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Below is an abstract of some of your comments. I strongly cut down on the number of requests for additional maps, counters and scenarios. I got the message loud and clear!
Panel Size: 76 Published: November 08, 2004
I want to read all of Claymore ! Playing with figures (and why not in 25 mm). (Trans.) Bonzillou France
I would like heroic fantasy to be better treated than Dark Blades at this scale. (Trans.)  Anonymous USA
Maps and counters (Trans.) Greg France
A few hitorical characters (like those recently posted in B&W) or heroes (like Robin Hood and companions). (Trans.) Laurent Schmitt France
Anything you can do is welcome. Personally I would love to see some Scottish clans counters Anonymous Italia
I think you are doing a top rate job! I would like to see someone dabble in the ancient period a little--I think the game could cover man-to-man action in Rome's legions or Alexander's Macedonians without too much conversion. Anonymous USA
The scenario "For the love of Edith" Sir Lacy France
Just a little thing: too much old stuff (OCR, Vassal, Cyberboard) and not enough new things to play with.
Wishes : Maps with the original CH quality standard: I was disappointed by the print quality of the Fortified Harbor maps. Des cartes au standard Cry Havoc, j'ai été déçu par la qualité du port fortifié. More counters on various themes. Example: Samurai is not used at all, same for Dragon Noir. (Trans.)
Arnaud Sinnesael France
Deeper and better deployment of Cry Havoc on CyberBoard. PhilH France
- Having more stances for the counters.
- Med Fan strategic game where all counters of the franchise are mixed; With CyberBoard for the strategic part and Vassal for the tactical part (but you wrote that Vassal can do it all, so let's wait).
- About counters, I need Orks, Trolls, Gobelins, Giants, Ogres, etc witha better Heroic Fantasy look (darker skins, etc. ).
- Deeper magic
- More periods and countries : why not Barbarians, Romans, Carthaginians, Scythes, Celts, Greeks, Persians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Chinese, Africans, Azteks, Mayas, etc... and why not Rohirrims, Ëlves, Dunedains, etc... (Trans.)
Joarloc France
Better thought strategic rules, a Med fan adaptation of these rules and homogeneous combat and movement tables. (Trans.) Tom France
Above all an ultimate version of the rules which gathers and standardize those of the various extensions of the franchise. Then more new stuff (counters, maps, map elements, scenarios). And being my own advocate, a better merge of Med fan on CH Fan. I would end by saying that due to our age and availability, Vassal is slated to become the must for Cry Havoc gamers ; I even plan to play with a friend. Please carry on the development of this tool, it's the future of the game. And I forgot my last wish, to thank you Hervé for all your efforts and to have brought Cry Havoc back to life. Thanks! (Trans.) Lagaff2003 France
Counters, tons of counters from the Heroic Greeks, to the start and end of the Middle Ages to end with buccaneers and pirates of the Carribeans (late 16th, early 17th century). (Trans.) Marc aka Caran Luxemburg
- Campaigns (like Robin Hood);
- Historically accurate creations (Castles, characters, campaigns, ...);
- Actual game videos to generate feedback about the tactical choices (a few trials int Claymore) - a game tournament! (Trans.)
Victor France
Vikings extensions for other 8th/9th century nations: Motte & bailey, Franks, Basques, Saracens, Rus, Byzantines, etc.  ReAnonymous France
Full of new stuff: Extensions, scenarios, rules, ... (Trans.) Michelbkf France
More of everything (Trans.) Scorion France
Always more (Trans.) pbd3 6200 France
To keep the game alive and let it grow... and grow… Stepanxol Italia
Long live the community, and hope that the bubble won't burst (Trans.) ex_fermier France
I hope cry havoc will not die, just that Topo Spain
As usual the last Byzantine counters for Vassal! (Trans.) Tyrion France
To get Vikings in a Vassal or CyberBoard module. (Trans.) Anonymous France
more traffic/games actually played via Vassal Martin Moser Germany
Full throttle Vassal to play with my old pal gone abroad. (Trans.) Arnaud France
Rules, scenarios and counters I don't have. For the site, a "Gingell-like" look & feel. (Trans.) Thierry France
Still to be able to find quality material on this site and the possibility to purchase new maps. (Trans.) Vendebois France
Fully satisfied Anonymous Italia
They have already been surpassed. Jack USA
I have A Dream...    
Release of further Dragon Noir boxes. (Trans.) Anonymous France
I would like to find storage trays for all the additional counters i got with the Templars castle! Will you offer any in the near future? 
You propose additional ships to play with new rules, but I don't own Vikings and don't have any Sea map. How can I get one. Will you be selling any anytime soon? (Trans.)
ArGuson France
Having more time (Trans.) Anonymous France
Thanks to Hervé, maps can be printed. What about a new production of 15 mm houses? (apart from the price, of course). (Trans.) oxtorne2000 France
Find the rare maps: the Ford, The Open Field, both Coasts..., and why not the next Dragon Noir! (Trans.) Anonymous France
Seeing one day the release of Dragon Noir 3 & 4 zombyd France
Having more time to play fully. (Trans.) elendriel France