Who Are You (2/2)?

The Fan


Panel Size: 69 Published on : November 5,  2004
Which sentence better matches your interest for Cry Havoc today?
It's pretty clear: 20 years later, this game is still one of your favorites (read your comments in the next page). You are really die-hard fans - and it may be the reason why you answered this survey ;-) 

I therefore appreciate the fact that the sample might not be extremely representative.

What do you do with the downloadable material on this site?
You store just in case you find time (or willingness) to play again. I am happy to see that a small minority actually plays with the proposed material.
Which new material do you expect the most?  
This one is probably linked to the previous one: as time is of essence, your preference goes to new graphic materials like maps and counters, seen as collectors.

I note a strong request for original contents, as opposed to second-hand OCRs or scans of already published items. A couple of scenarios for the Fortified Port should be published in the coming days.

Are you still playing with Cry Havoc?  
Not a lot of time available to play probably. I wonder if those of you who claim one game every year manage to remember the rules?
How do you play?  
On line gaming is still not in everybody's mind. Though it is the best way IMHO to manage the little time we have. It will never replace the opportunity of playing face to face, but it is always more challenging and entertaining than playing solo.
How much time do you have to play?  
Basically, you can afford to play one evening every quarter. It should be more than enough to test new scenarios, don't you think so?