Who Are You (1/2)?

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Panel Size: 69 Published on: November 4, 2004
Your Age  
No doubt you are a mature audience!

Interestingly, the only person below 20 wrote his experience, and it is worth reading it in the feedback section about Cry Havoc.

Your Country  
French-speaking people mostly, but the USA are a strong number 2. Please note that the US audience is typically older than the European one. Probably because they had to wait a few years to get Rexton to translate and publish the game throughout Europe.
When Did You Discover Cry Havoc?  
Probably linked to the average age of the panel. Most of us discovered the game when released, be it with Standard Games for the original version (20 years ago) or with Rexton/Eurogames for the adapted version (15 years ago).
Which Games Do You Own?  
You are die-hard fans! With only a few exceptions, most of you own the entire medieval series. Still, a couple of people have a lot of boxes but not the original Cry Havoc game!

Note that Samourai is not as popular, Dark Blades/Dragon Noir 1 even less and Dragon Noir 2 is left behind. We'll discuss more when talking about which game you like the most/the least.

Do You Still Own Them?  
We welcome stock keepers!

People who want to buy games on eBay cannot rely on you to get rid of your beloved ones. A nice sign of the durability of the game, isn't it?

Note that the answers to the question about repurchase are difficult to sort as is. I'll try harder.

What Is Your Favorite Game?  
There are clearly 3 groups of gamers:
- Fans of the western medieval series, extended to the Viking era ;
- Fans of Medieval Fantastic ;
- Samurai lovers are clearly one of a kind. Is it because this game is not perceived as blending in nicely with the others?
Which Game Do You Like The Least?  
Same as above : Gentle knight and noble lady worshippers are not interested in Samurai ; Dark Blades/Dragon Noir was not enjoyed by those of you who didn't care about buying DN2. The latter has been a real disappointment  for many.

Typically, those who enjoy Siege or Viking Raiders don't like Samurai or DN, and vice versa.
General Comments  
These initial results explain partially, IMHO, the fate of both Standard Games and Eurogames publishers: Middle Ages fans have purchased every single box dealing with their favorite topic. They were ready to buy any new extension about this period, but their number (a few hundreds?) was not enough to make the deal profitable. 
Diversification attempts to lure new customers have failed: Samurai relates to a civilization which is too far away for most Westerners to be really attractive. Dark Blades/Dragon Noir didn't appeal to the historical background lovers who formed the core of the game audience and didn't get the expected capture rate among Med-Fan enthusiasts.