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Below is an abstract of some of your comments. Many "Great" or "Excellent" have not been written down to avoid boring the reader because of its repetitiveness.
Panel Size: 69 Published: November 5, 2004
Die-Hard Fans    
I'm a fan! Do you really need my feedback about "Cry Havoc!"? Topo Spain
Awesome, especially for the ability to use all maps and counters of the series to create new scenarios. (Trans.) lagaff2003 France
I've been playing for 18 years and I love it. (Trans.) Vikking Belgium
Very good games that I discovered thanks to my History teacher back in 1998 when I was 14. I was so excited by the game that I decided to acquire Cry Havoc. I played on a regular basis then I dropped it until 4 months ago. At that time, my younger brother resurrected the game, and played on his own up to twice a day. He asked me to play with him and since that date, I have been in love again with the game. I therefore made the decision to buy him a game of the series for his birthday. I managed to find Samurai (earlier version with no storage case) that I offered to him on August 8. I then bought the Templars' Castle around August 20 from an individual, brand new, for 50€. Then recently, my brother bought Siege. We played last time with 5 maps and a sheer number of characters! Adrien/ArGuson France
For The Concept    
A franchise with a never-ending concept. So much more could be added. It's simply the game with the most potential that I know. (Trans.) Marc aka Caran Luxemburg
Excellent brain stormer, be it for the contents (rules) or the aspect (history, characters, shields...). Should be reimbursed by NHS (UK), Medicare (USA), etc. (Trans.) Victor France
Excellent franchise. Each counter being a specific character, it is as interesting to focus on the fate of each soldier during the battle as the more strategic aspects of managing a small army. The Templars' Castle, the Medieval town and Outremer/Croisades are natural extensions to CH and Siege.
Viking Raiders can also be aggregated to the rest in scenarios like "Northmen attack on Europe". Unlike general belief, I really enjoyed Samurai but I didn't try to integrate it with other games for obvious historical inconsistencies (as well as rules). Dragon Noir extensions didn't appeal to me. (Trans.).
Sir Lacy Belgium
For Graphics    
I like all the games (I don't have any that I like less). I really enjoy the personalization of counters that can become actual characters (it sounds like role playing). The ability to play a character with the strategic game (Croisades) is awesome. From a graphical standpoint, I prefer the counters from Siege, Vikings and Dragon Noir. (Trans.) Joarloc France
Strategy, historic side and quality of maps and counters. (Trans.) Beorthulf Australia
Compared With Other Games    
Never matched, or outdated, the medieval ASL. (Trans.). Michelbkf France
I tend to buy/check out every Medieval game I find. Cry Havoc series is the best at its level. Walram USA
I like it very much and intend to adapt BattleLust(Columbia Games) to it. Ken Rose Canada
Still nothing quite as good in sight. Anonymous Germany
Still one of the very best in terms of counter art - and I like skirmish style games Martin Moser Germany
Great game, great components. Nothing has replaced on the market IMHO. I just wish I had more time to play and an opponent. Anonymous USA
It is still unmatched, and will probably stay as is for a long time. (Trans.) PhilH France
Simply the best game when using the one man = one counter scale. zombyd France
For Its Simplicity    
Simple, but not simplistic. Enables in-depth medieval history studies. mais pas simpliste. (Trans.) ex_fermier France
Beautiful, simple, great… (Trans.) Hugues/Tyrion France
Well thought and easy to set up for a game. It is very good to bring new players to strategy games. Tracto/Jean Paul France
Perfect game play... to play with kids (my 8-year old daughter) or with grown-ups. (Trans.) Anonymous France
Simple and riveting wargame (a nice change from headache monster games) (Trans.) oxtorne2000 France
I always liked the system, the maps and the counters... I plan to use the system to convert the younger members of my family: my nephews, my kids, ... (Trans.) Anonymous France

Too Bad!

Really good. Too bad that Eurogames going out of business prevented us from getting the end of Dragon Noir. (Trans.) Tom France
A simple and fluent rule system. Material is a little bit fragile (counters). You get sometime lost when trying to combine rules from different games. All games are exciting (except Samurai maybe). I'm one of those that have been waiting for the Fortified Harbor and Dragon Noir 3 in vain. (Trans.) Vendebois France
Still unmatched in its category. Too bad that (late) Jeux Descartes didn't get it !  (Trans.) Arnaud Sinnesael France
When will new games be available ???? (Trans.) Anonymous France
What to say? Many drawbacks but so many qualities. (Trans.) Souley France
I liked the games even though there are a few little problems for us like the shooters' power Anonymous Italia
An atmosphere and a shelf life rarely unmatched, even for a scenario-based game. A few disappointments about the material (counters not thick enough, no original counters for the Templars' Castle and Medieval Town extensions (while there was a beautiful opportunity to bring a chivalry order or high profile bystanders...) to life. The campaign game would have been more coherent on a smaller scale than the entire Holy Land, and with more lively mechanisms ( There are very few atmosphere rules that let you dive in a unique historic world without altering the gameplay or being mandatory). (Trans.) Laurent Schmitt France
Awesome, but don't take it too seriously. Too many rules kill pleasure. (Trans.). Christophe/
Middle-Ages Fans    
Wonderful for a Middle-Ages lover (Trans.) Greg France
No More Time    
Exciting, but getting back into it takes a lot of time I don't have! (Trans.) Thierry France